Algae in shrimp ponds and solutions18-12-2018

In aquaculture in general and shrimp farming in particular, algae is an important link in the natural food chain and serves as an extremely important biological filtration system to balance different environmental factors in pond.

Strengthening resilience to the effects of climate change for vulnerable coastal communities in Vietnam18-12-2018

On December 18, in Hanoi, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program in Vietnam (UNDP), the Ministry of Construction and the People's Committees (People's Committees) of provinces including Nam Dinh, Thanh Hoa, Quang Binh, Thua Thien Hue, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai and Ca Mau hold a workshop on the project “Strengthening resilience to the impacts of climate change for vulnerable communities Vulnerable coastal Vietnam” in 2018.

Da Nang city: Developing “Green aquaculture” model18-12-2018

On the November 13th, the Center for Fishery – Agriculture – Forestry Extension of Da Nang city organized a workshop on “Green bio-aquaculture model” with the participation of freshwater fish farmers in communes of Hoa Phong and Hoa Khuong (Hoa Vang district).

Treatment of wastewater by biotechnology18-12-2018

Water pollution is one of the most alarming environmental issues today, especially for the seafood processing industry.

Hai Phong city: Strengthen the management of aquaculture activities in the last months of 201817-12-2018

According to the report of Hai Phong Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the area of ​​aquaculture in November was estimated at 11,575.3 hectares, up 2.51% over the same period of 2017.

Thanh Hoa applies high technology in white leg shrimp farming17-12-2018

Whiteleg shrimp is a major aquaculture species of the province with a farming area of ​​more than 300 hectares, annual output of 3,000 to 3,500 tons of commercial shrimp.

Seminar on shrimp culture model using Semi-Biofloc technology17-12-2018

The Coastal Resources for Sustainable Development Project (SRSD) in Soc Trang province has recently organized a workshop on “Techniques for Shrimp Farming using Semi-Biofloc Technology”.

The quality of environment that supply water for raising tilapia in the North of Vietnam.17-12-2018

From 2015-2018, the Directorate of Fisheries approved the plan of regular environmental monitoring tasks and required the Research Institutes of Aquaculture I, II and III and the Center for aquaculture testing, conservation and verification (3K) to coordinate with some localities to implement the plan in aquaculture areas focusing on some main objects (clam, brackish shrimp, lobster, catfish, tilapia) at North, Central and South.

Evolution of environmental quality in brackish water shrimp farming areas in the South Central region17-12-2018

In the past years, the environmental management has been focused by the localities in the South Central provinces, in which, environmental monitoring has been regularly implemented by localities to timely grasp the change of weather, water quality in order to have warnings for aquaculture farmers  having solutions.

Ha Noi city: New direction in aquaculture16-12-2018

Satisfying the demands of consumers in the Hanoi capital for clean food, at the beginning of 2018, Hanoi Agricultural Extension Center (Department of Agriculture and Rural Development) implemented the model of 'Carp farming applying river technology in ponds'.

Lao Cai province: Enhancing the implementation of prevention for fish during the transition period16-12-2018

According to Lao Cai's Department of Agriculture and Rural Development( DARD),  in the first nine months of 2018, the number of aquacultural production have reached 7.070 tons, increased by 9%. Besides, the number of breedings grew to 6.22 million, increased by 45% compared to that in the same period of 2017.

Soc Trang province: Preventing disease for shrimp farming16-12-2018

In the last week of October 2018, the aquaculture area in Soc Trang province were 515.5 ha, accumulating to  55,836 ha until 31/10, reaching over 124% of the plan.

Soc Trang province: Reduce environmental pressure in intensive and semi-intensive shrimp farming15-12-2018

Currently, in Soc Trang province, shrimp farming under the form of intensive and semi-intensive farming is more and more expanded. This has been putting pressure on the environmental protection of Soc Trang province.

Methods to improve FCR in shrimp culture14-12-2018

In aquaculture, feed cost dominates the main part, accounting for at least 60% of the total cost. Increasing feed efficiency through reduced FCR is therefore important to reduce costs and improve the economic benefits for shrimp farmers.

Renovating shrimp ponds associated with protection of aquaculture environment14-12-2018

Over the last time, the development of aquaculture has helped people in Bac Lieu to build key areas for aquaculture to promote local economic strengths.

Fish farmers in the Mekong Delta turn to use microbiogical treatment for ponds13-12-2018

 After years of treating pond environment with chemicals and taking heavy losses, fish farmers in the Mekong Delta now turn to use microbiological treatment for tra fish breeding pond.

Efficiency of oyster and grouper farming along Nai lagoon12-12-2018

Nai Lagoon is one of the 12 coastal lagoons in our country, typical of tropical drought of coastal region, with abundant aquatic resources, located in the concentrated residential area of ​​Ninh Hai district, Ninh Thuan province.

Monitoring environment is critical factor for development of fisheries12-12-2018

In recent years, aquaculture, processing and export of seafood products have become the economic strength of the Mekong Delta region, a key area for aquaculture for consumption and export of the whole country.

Quang Ngai province: Aquaculture for ecotourism - Potential to be awakened10-12-2018

Aquaculture and ecotourism in case of being integrated together not only open new development opportunities for fisheries and tourism, but also help people change production methods to increase income. However, this combination has not been paid full attention to by the professional sector, the authorities and people in the province.

Kien Giang: Development of marine farming must ensure environmental capacity in coastal and island areas10-12-2018

In recent years, the development of marine farming associated with the allocation of marine areas for aquaculture in Kien Giang province has contributed to the development of the marine economy, creating more jobs, increasing income and improving material and spiritual life for the people. It is an important driving force in the socio-economic development of Kien Giang province.