Seminar on shrimp culture model using Semi-Biofloc technology (17-12-2018)

The Coastal Resources for Sustainable Development Project (SRSD) in Soc Trang province has recently organized a workshop on “Techniques for Shrimp Farming using Semi-Biofloc Technology”.
Seminar on shrimp culture model using Semi-Biofloc technology

Since 2016 to present, CRSD has implemented many activities using Semi-Biofloc technology in shrimp culturing. From the first training course on shrimp culture by Biofloc technology at My Thanh Shrimp Farmers Association (Tran De district, Soc Trang province) and study tours to Khanh Hoa and Ca Mau provinces, there are many shrimp farms with this new technology nowadays.

Assoc. Prof. Truong Quoc Phu presented the benefits and principles of Biofloc and Semi-Biofloc technology in industrial shrimp farming. Accordingly, waste from shrimp ponds (surplus food, shrimp feces, etc.) will be re-used as feed for shrimp, thus reducing environmental pollution and reducing the amount of feed used. It helped minimize risk and improve the efficiency of shrimp farming.

The basic principle of this technology is the addition of carbon source from molasses, rice bran, starch, etc. to balance the Carbon and Nitrogen ratio in shrimp ponds, thereby stimulating the development of bacterium and beneficial algae in the ponds and bonded together to form floc pellets, combined with continuous water flow in the pond, which allowed the floc pellets to be suspended in the ponds.

Participants have discussed the technique of semi-biofloc in shrimp culture, such as microbial composting, floc retention, carbon supply to create floc, advantages and disadvantage of technique, the use of Aerator in shrimp ponds using Semi-Biofloc technology.

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