Hai Phong city: Strengthen the management of aquaculture activities in the last months of 2018 (17-12-2018)

According to the report of Hai Phong Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the area of ​​aquaculture in November was estimated at 11,575.3 hectares, up 2.51% over the same period of 2017.
Hai Phong city: Strengthen the management of aquaculture activities in the last months of 2018

Total area of ​​aquaculture in the first 11 months of 2018 was estimated at 13,835.6 hectares, up 9.80% compared to 2017. The output of aquaculture harvested in November was estimated to reach 5,720.5 tons, equivalent to 107.78% over the same period of 2017. Total output of aquaculture in the first 11 months of 2018 was 57,926.3 tons, up 10.96% over the same period of 2017. Generally, in the first 11 months, the output of aquatic seeds was estimated at 1,674.6 million, equal to 72% compared to 2017.

Aquaculture activities in the last months of the year were positive. This was the harvest time of local freshwater aquaculture areas for sale. Farmers are also advised to take measures to deal with cold weather and to prevent disease in the transition period, actively care for aquatic products to meet the needs of Tet festival. For brackish water aquaculture, farmers are preparing for partly harvesting and additional stocking of shrimps and crabs at improved extensive ponds as well as concentrating on taking care of new farming subjects. Some white leg shrimp ponds have been cultured in the form of two stages, shrimp grow well. This is a form of farming with many advantages such as using small nursing ponds that are easy to manage, reduce costs; Large-sized breeders (250-300 heads / kg) before stocking, shortening time, reducing risks during culturing process.

At the mollusk farms, farmers are checking the reinforcement of the logging system, leveling, spreading clams at locations where hit by the waves. At fish cage farming area, farmers continue to harvest fish to sell fresh products. At this time, cages are actively cleaned and taken care to harvest at the end of the year as serving consumer demand in the city and neighboring provinces.

For seed production areas, freshwater aquaculture farms focused on broodstock preparation for production in 2019; Brackish water hatcheries continue to produce seeds of sea crabs, black tiger prawns, prawns, etc. to meet the demand for stocking of marine and brackish water aquaculture with an estimated yield of 82 million units.

As the weather at this time is unfavorable, farmers are advised to take the initiative in machinery, materials and chemicals and apply technical measures to stabilize the environment, focusing on increasing fish health, timely prevent and treat for shrimp and fish, actively limit the damage.

In addition, for the effective implementation of aquaculture activities in the last month, Hai Phong Department of Agriculture and Rural Development issued Official Letter No. 2620 / SNN-TS dated 14/11/2018 on strengthening the management of brackish shrimp culture in the last months of 2018; Official Letter No. 2621 / SNN-TS dated 14/11/2018 on guiding aquaculture in marine areas in order to promptly direct specialized units to coordinate with local authorities in guiding aquaculture techniques and methods of prevention and treatment of aquatic animals. Fisheries law dissemination, quality control of imported shrimps to localities, environmental management and warning in the aquaculture area are also directed drastically in the last few months of 2018.

Huong Tra (source: tongcucthuysan.gov.vn)

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