Aquatic seed production: Opportunities and challenges01-03-2019

In 2018, for the first time, the Directorate of Fisheries has chaired and organized a signing ceremony of “The Regulation on coordination of brackish water shrimp seed” between a number of key local authorities which produce shrimp seed for farming and the ones nurture commercial shrimp. This is the fundamental step to help control the quality of shrimp seed and be able for traceability. On January 18, 2019, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development organized a Conference to evaluate, conclude gained experience and replicate the implementation of this Regulation.

Aquatic breeds production: Opportunities and challenges19-02-2019

 Ensuring the quality of aquatic breeds for production is one of the priorities of the agricultural sector. In 2018, the production and supply of key aquatic breeds such as brackish shrimp, Tra fish and other objects of basic economic value fulfilled the goal. In the coming time, production of breeds has many opportunities to accelerate, but there are also challenges to overcome.

Conference discussing solutions to manage brackish shrimp seeds12-02-2019

Recently, in Phu Yen province, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has collaborated with the People’s Committee of Phu Yen province to organize a conference on “managing brackish shrimp seeds and signing coordination regulations”. The conference discussed solutions in improving the quality of shrimp seeds.

Thanh Hoa to take initiative in producing and hatching aquatic fingerlings11-06-2018

At present, aquaculture hatcheries in the Thanh Hoa province have been active in producing and hatching billions of aquatic fingerlings for aquaculture in the province.

Nghe An: Producing 1.2 billion post larvae29-08-2017

In the first 8 months of 2017, Nghe An province produced over 1.2 billion post larvae, up 5 per cent compare to the same period last year, of which more than 1 billion PL of white leg shrimp and 178 million PL of black tiger shrimp.

Strengthening inspection of producing and trading shrimp seeds08-05-2017

Recently, the Directorate of Fisheries has coordinated with Department of Economic Security of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries - Ministry of Public Security (A86) and Division of Economic Security of Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan (PA81), conducted an unexpected inspection of 17 producing and trading seed shrimp in two provinces.

Tra Vinh province: Shrimp seeds release almost reaches plan28-04-2017

According to the plan in 2017, Tra Vinh releasing 24,000 ha of brackish water shrimp, of which, 18,000 ha of black tiger shrimp and 6,000 ha of white legged shrimp. Up to now, the progress of shrimp farming in the province is quite good with a slight increase in compare to the same period last year.

Cao Bang province focused on producing and supplying fingerlings for fish farmers27-04-2017

In the first quarter of 2017, Center for Cultivar, Livestock and Aquatic breeds in Cao Bang focused on fish seed production to meet the needs of fish farmers in the province.

Construction of the VND 95-billion high-tech shrimp breeding center at Tra Vinh07-03-2017

On the 4th March 2017, at Duyen Hai Commune, Tra Vinh Province, People’s Committee of Tra Vinh Province and Thong Thuan Group organized groundbreaking ceremony of Thong Thuan – Tra Vinh high-technology shrimp breeding Center.

Nam Dinh province produced over 1.3 million aquatic seeds05-09-2016

According to Nam Dinh provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, there have been 22 blackish water hatcheries, meeting 100% of seed demand of farmers in the province.