Soc Trang province: Preventing disease for shrimp farming (16-12-2018)

In the last week of October 2018, the aquaculture area in Soc Trang province were 515.5 ha, accumulating to  55,836 ha until 31/10, reaching over 124% of the plan.
Soc Trang province: Preventing disease for shrimp farming

As some environmental factors were not suitable for raising brackish shrimp such as weather conditions, salinity, alkalinity, transparency, oxygen, etc., local people were advised not to stock new crop. Instead, people should focus on management of current shrimp farming area, improve damaged pond area as well as prepare for the crop in 2019. At the same time , in order to limit the adverse impacts of hot weather and precipitation, which makes the ponds be easily shaken and easily infected, people should concern about the stability of some pond environmental factors to improve shrimp resistance such as regular pH test, maintenance of a minimum water level of 1.2-1.5m, adding more aspirator aerator during heavy rain time.

When detecting or suspecting disease occurs, people should immediately notify the nearest veterinary agencies and the surrounding livestock to take prevention in time, avoiding spread on a large scale. In the case of shrimps, if they are big enough to be sold, it could be better to harvest, then sterilize the ponds, tools, and equipment to kill crustaceans and intermediate hosts. Besides, shrimp harvesters should be hygienically clean in order to neither disperse germs nor discharge untreated pond water into the environment. In some cases that shrimps are not big enough to harvest yet, they must be isolated from surrounding ponds, and all diseased shrimps should be removed out of the pond for disposal.

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