Fish farmers in the Mekong Delta turn to use microbiogical treatment for ponds (13-12-2018)

 After years of treating pond environment with chemicals and taking heavy losses, fish farmers in the Mekong Delta now turn to use microbiological treatment for tra fish breeding pond.
Fish farmers in the Mekong Delta turn to use microbiogical treatment for ponds

Like other tra fish farmers, Mr. Sau Tung (Le Van Tung, Vinh Thuan Commune, Vinh Hung District, Long An province) used water cleaning chemicals before stocking young tra fish. To save 25 million over a dozen day old tra fish seedlings, Mr. Sau has to rely on microorganisms to treat the water environment. “Two days before fish started to swim around the pond but after treatment by microorganism, it was better. They start eating strongly again”, Mr. Sau Tung said. Currently, in Long An province alone, there are nearly 1.990ha of tra fish breeding, mainly in Tan Hung district, Vinh Hung province.

Ms. Dinh Thi Phuong Khanh, Deputy Director of Long An Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said that authorities in Long An province are instructing fish farmers to use microbial products instead of chemicals. The solution of microorganisms is bringing good results of breeding tra fish seedlings. Nguyen Loc - representative of DNA company, the unit is providing solution for microbiological treatment for fish pond in the Mekong Delta stated that, after 2 months of deploying this solution in provinces of Tien Giang and Long An, about 200ha of ponds has been treated by microbiological treatment. According to Mr. Sau Tung, cost for chemicals and microbiological treatment is the same, but the effective of microbiological treatment is much better than chemicals’.

Huong Tra

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