Lao Cai province: Enhancing the implementation of prevention for fish during the transition period (16-12-2018)

According to Lao Cai's Department of Agriculture and Rural Development( DARD),  in the first nine months of 2018, the number of aquacultural production have reached 7.070 tons, increased by 9%. Besides, the number of breedings grew to 6.22 million, increased by 45% compared to that in the same period of 2017.
Lao Cai province: Enhancing the implementation of prevention for fish during the transition period

In the first nine months of 2018, Lao Cao DARD has focused on supervising the implementation of aquaculture production plan in 2018. People have put 2,080 hectares of fishery area into production, reaching 100% plan in this year and increasing by 1% over the same period. Aquaculture output reached 7,070 tons, increasing by 9% over the same period in 2017. In details, 6,670 tons of fish have been raised in small ponds. Besides, the number of cold water fish increased to 400 tons. As a result, production organizations are able to ensure enough quantity and quality of breeding fish to meet the people's commercial demand. The total number of breeding fish raised in the first nine months of the year was 6.22 million, increasing by 45% over the same period, and It could supply 5.78 million of breeding ones, climbing by 23%. In October, DARD continued to focus on raising broodstock; testing and caring out hybrid carps providing that meeting technical requirements. Preparing the ponds well and actively concerning as well as managing rearing ponds fingerlings of all kinds in order to ensure quality and quantity to meet the human needs. The total number of fingerlings produced and nursed has reached 6.7 million kinds of fish for 10 months. Of which, the number of fingerlings reached 3.5 million while the breeding of all kinds was 3.2 million; In October, 0.19 million fingerlings of all kinds were sold out, which accumulated 5.96 million.

In order to effectively implement the farming tasks in 2018 and reach the planned targets, Lao Cai DARD will supervise the implementation of state management of fisheries at the local areas, aquaculture development management and organize inspection and guidance of conducting the fisheries basic management. Besides, it is necessary to continue urging aquatic breed production farms, force them to promulgate baseline criteria as basis for traceability and management of aquatic breeds as planned; Moreover, they should continue to cooperate with the inspectors of the Department to handle the fisheries production and business establishments in violation of the law in the province. The last method is leading and coordinating with units under DARD to carry out the programs and projects in the assigned plan.

In addition, fish are easily susceptible to infection when there is a change in weather patterns, a large variation of diurnal temperature, a sudden change in fish habitat, or a number of diseases such as red spots, hydrocephalus. Lao Cai DARD suggested the District People's Committee jointly instructed and guided prevention and treatment for fish during season change as the followings: daily monitoring fish activities, in case the fish are floating their head, it is necessary to determine the cause. If because of the lack of oxygen, people should increase water supply or use water blower, aeration machine into the pond, aquarium. Moreover, food should be quality and people neither let the fish starve nor excess water pollution of the water. Periodically 5-7 days, fish disease prevention is made with Glutaraldehyde, Iodine, chlorofluoride .., which is manufacturer's instructions or people can use 1.5-2kg of lime powder/100m3 of water splashing pond surface. At the same time, implementation of the fish diseases treatment under the guidance of Lao Cai DARD should be monitored when fish are infected with a red spot, Saprolegnia sp. And Achlya sp., and Lernaeosis diseases.

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