Soc Trang province: Reduce environmental pressure in intensive and semi-intensive shrimp farming (15-12-2018)

Currently, in Soc Trang province, shrimp farming under the form of intensive and semi-intensive farming is more and more expanded. This has been putting pressure on the environmental protection of Soc Trang province.
Soc Trang province: Reduce environmental pressure in intensive and semi-intensive shrimp farming

According to the functional sector of Soc Trang province, in 2017 the area of ​​brackish shrimp farming in the province was 54,361 ha, of which the area of ​​intensive and semi-intensive farming was 48,128 ha, accounting for 88.5 % of stocked area, most concentrated in districts of Vinh Chau, My Xuyen, Tran De, Cu Lao Dung.

According to the current situation of the environment of Soc Trang, the construction of brackish shrimp ponds in the form of intensive semi-intensive farming is easy to change the structure of the soil, degrading the quality and changing the structure of the soil.

In addition, the use of non-prescriptive drugs will destroy both pathogenic bacteria and beneficial microorganisms in pond water, resulting in loss of microbial balance in the environment. The collection and treatment of non-regulated solid waste contributes to the degradation of water environment causing the polluted surface water.

In order to minimize environmental pollution in intensive and semi - intensive shrimp farming, functional branches of Soc Trang province have made many solutions. In particular, to focus on perfecting policies and legislation on environmental protection in aquaculture, specifically, consider the addition of total Nitrogen and total Phosphorus to the National Technical Regulation on brackish water shrimp culture.

At the same time, developing the models of collective production in order to apply advanced technologies and environmental protection farming in aquaculture. Besides, the local government also integrated environmental protection plans in aquaculture activities into the socio-economic development plans.

The province also strengthened the propaganda and dissemination of the Law on Environmental Protection, the Law on Water Resources; To disseminate regulations on the exploitation and use of underground water sources, etc. to raise the awareness of organizations and individuals on pressing environmental issues and environmental impacts.

At the same time, farmers were encouraged to make a commitment of following environmental protection plan and regularly do an environmental impact assessment report for ponds with area of ​​5,000 m2 or more according to regulation, considering to study and integrate climate change scenarios into brackish shrimp farming investment projects, especially high tech projects that required large investment.

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