Kien Giang: Development of marine farming must ensure environmental capacity in coastal and island areas (10-12-2018)

In recent years, the development of marine farming associated with the allocation of marine areas for aquaculture in Kien Giang province has contributed to the development of the marine economy, creating more jobs, increasing income and improving material and spiritual life for the people. It is an important driving force in the socio-economic development of Kien Giang province.
Kien Giang: Development of marine farming must ensure environmental capacity in coastal and island areas

Besides, the allocation and leasing areas for aquaculture has limited the illegal exploitation of coastal fisheries, from there aquatic resources have gradually been enriched. However, the management of areas for aquaculture is still inadequate, such as not closely managing records, handing over inadequate information; management is not consistent, lack of inspection of the use of allocated and leased sea surface, thereby leading to disputes, illegal encroachment, causing difficulties in the management of sea surface to aquaculture in Kien Giang province.

Accordingly, the Provincial People's Committee requested heads of functional departments and People's Committees of districts and cities to manage the sea areas to well implement the key contents: Continuing to review production areas near shore; Priority for improving farming technologies with good adaptation to climate change and specific conditions of each region, gradually shifting to industrial food, ensuring food safety, labor safety, biosafety and environmental health in coastal and island areas; developing marine farming with certification, geographical indication, traceability.

Well implementing of plan named no. 125/KH-UBND, dated August 25, 2017 of the Provincial People's Committee on organizing and arranging the chain of fish cages production in Hon Nghe (Kien Luong) commune to 2020. Thereby, the organization summarizes and evaluates it as a basis for replication for other localities in the province. Completing the construction and implementing effectively of sustainable marine development projects in the province until 2030.

The People's Committees of districts and cities have implemented statistics, review and carry out the revocation of seawater use right certificates granted to organizations and individuals that rent marine areas for aquaculture. Handover it back to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, submit to the Provincial People's Committee for consideration and replacement with the decision to lease marine areas to aquaculture. Households are notified about the expiry date of the lease of marine areas for aquaculture to complete procedures for extension. Implementation time of the contents above shall be no later than December 15, 2018.

The provincial People's Committee gives the policy of assigning and leasing marine areas for aquaculture to each local, each region in particular: An Minh, An Bien, Hon Dat, Tien Hai commune of Ha Tien, Kien Luong, Phu Quoc and Kien Hai districts. Provincial People's Committee regulatesthat relevant departments and agencies and People's Committees of districts and cities that manage the sea surface report the implementation of the above guidelines every 6 months to the Provincial People's Committee.

The allocation and lease of marine areas for aquaculture must be based on the current status and orientation of the province's planning of marine farming in coastal and island areas. It is associated with restructuring the approved agriculture sector. Priority for leasing marine areas for aquaculture projects in the form of production linkage; application of advanced science and technology, high technology, offshore farming; farming types have small impacts on the ecological environment.

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