Nam Dinh province: Launching the Action month for protecting aquatic resources in 2019 (27-03-2019)

Towards the 60th Anniversary of Traditional Vietnamese Fisheries Day (April 1), on March 19, 2019, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Nam Dinh province organized a campaign to launch the 2019 Fisheries Resource Protection Month and release Breeding to regenerate aquatic resources at My Tan Commune People's Committee (My Loc).
Nam Dinh province: Launching the Action month for protecting aquatic resources in 2019

The province has 72km of coastline with rivers and canals, many ponds, lakes, marshes, and tidal flats which are great potentials to develop a comprehensive aquatic economy. Currently, the yearly fisheries sector growth rate is over 5%. In 2018, the total output of the whole province reached over 149 thousand tons, accounting for 29.67% of the structure of the Agriculture sector; created jobs and stable incomes for thousands of workers and make an important contribution to the socio-economic development of the province. However, every year, the aquatic resources are declining.

In order to contribute to the protection and regeneration of aquatic resources, every year the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development organizes to launch the Month of protecting aquatic resources in order to raise the awareness of the community on protecting aquatic resources. With the spirit of protecting and developing aquatic resources, it is not only the responsibility of the managers and people working in the fishing industry but also the responsibility of all people, the protection of aquatic resources needs the cooperation of all individuals and socio-political organizations. The theme of this Month's action is "Protection and development of aquatic resources is the responsibility of everyone", taking place from March 1 to March 30. In the month of action, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development instructed the Fisheries Department to preside documents, panels, posters, leaflets, commitments, etc. to coordinate with units in the industry and agencies of Nam Dinh Newspaper and Nam Dinh Radio and Television to strengthen the propaganda on the Action Month and the protection of aquatic resources; coordinating with local agencies and authorities, the provincial Buddhist Sangha organizes stocking to regenerate aquatic resources; strengthening monitoring activities in aquaculture, implementing environmental monitoring and warning to ensure safety for centralized aquaculture areas.

Department Inspector Agency actively takes the means and forces, cooperates with the Provincial Border Guard and other units in the industry, localities to carry out patrol and inspection to prevent and handle infringement violations. Centers including Breeding aquatic products of Nam Dinh specialty; Nam Dinh seafood varieties actively produce and supply seed sources; coordinate with the Department of Fisheries to organize stocking and regeneration of fisheries resources and related activities. The Sub-Department of Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality Assurance promotes propaganda, inspection and supervision of aquaculture activities to ensure sustainability and environmental friendliness, contributing to environmental protection and aquatic resources. production; doing well the environmental monitoring work in clam farming areas concentrated in Giao Thuy and Nghia Hung districts. The Provincial Border Guard promptly detect and handle violations; coordinate with the Department Inspectorate to launch a peak to inspect the observance of legal provisions in fisheries activities. The Board of Management of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha organizes propaganda, education and mobilization of Buddhist monks and nuns to participate in stocking and releasing native aquatic species of economic value. After the launching ceremony, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development released 2 million freshwater aquatic seeds into the Red River.

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