Vietnamese tra fish cooking competition in China (24-08-2017)

Dr. Vo Hung Dung, Vice President of Viet Nam Pangasius Association, Director of VCCI Can Tho, said that the Chengdu City of Sichuan province (China) cooperated with the Association to organize the Vietnamese tra fish drafting competition in China.
Vietnamese tra fish cooking competition in China

Previously, during a business trip in Hubei province (China), Dr. Dung visited a competition organized by many Chinese enterprises where the competitors made a lot of Vietnamese tra fish dishes. Many participants were attracted by the competition.

Currently, Mekong Delta is the main tra fish production areas of Viet Nam, with annual production of 1.2 million tons, export to 150 markets. However, the promotion of this product has not been really paid attention. Therefore, the Association will actively cooperate with some Chinese partners, including Sichuan province to participate in the first Viet Nam tra fish Food Festival held in Can Tho on the occasion of Viet Nam Aquaculture Show 2017 from 25th to 27th October, 2017. Currently, China is one of the biggest tra fish import markets of Viet Nam. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Viet Nam Pangasius Association, it is expected that by the end of this year, China will be the largest market of Viet Nam tra fish products, surpassing the US and EU markets.

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