Binh Dinh: Shrimp farmers had bumper harvest (11-07-2017)

After the end of the first shrimp season, the shrimp farming areas of the province had great productivity, while the price of shrimp had increased sharply.
Binh Dinh: Shrimp farmers had bumper harvest

Thanks to five big floods that occurred late last year which washed out the residual pollution in the water and ponds, so diseases did not arise and shrimp grew healthy.

According to statistics of Binh Dinh’s Sub-Department of Fisheries, in the first seasons of shrimp farming in 2017, about 1,500 hectares of shrimp were cultivated in the whole province, of which semi-intensive areas gained productivity at 7 to 8 tons per hectare. Farmers could get VND 70 to 80 million per hectare.

 As Tuy Phuoc district had 971 hectares of shrimp farming, of which semi-intensive was 100 hectares, the rest was extensive farming. At this time, farmers have harvested over 95 per cent of the areas. Of which an average productivity was nearly 800 kgs per hectare, bringing total shrimp production of the district was 771 tons. Especially, the most encouraging thing is that the average production of shrimp on semi-intensive shrimp farming area reached 4.2 tons per hectare, the highest result in 10 recent years.

Thúy Quỳnh

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