Thanh Hoa province: Hau Loc District’s total fisheries production increased by 24.4 per cent in 4 months of 2017 (19-05-2017)

In the first 4 months of 2017, Thanh Hoa province’s total fisheries production reached 54,524 tons of fish. Of which, aquaculture production gained 15,695 tons and fishing yield was 38,829 tons. Most of species recorded high yield included clam and marine fish reaching 4 thousand tons, black tiger shrimp and white legged shrimp, 695 tons, and traditional fish yield at 11 thousand tons.
Thanh Hoa province: Hau Loc District’s total fisheries production increased by 24.4 per cent in 4 months of 2017

For Thanh Hoa province’s Hau Loc District alone, in the first 4 months of 2017, its total fishing and aquaculture production reached 15,365 tons, an increase of 24.4 per cent over the same period last year. Of this figure, fishing production recorded the high increase, with a total output of 10,670 tons .

In 2017, Hau Loc District targets its fishing and aquaculture production at over 42,000 tons. In order to meet this target, Hau Loc District continued to implement many solutions to take fully advantages of its potential as a coastal area.

Accordingly, the district will reorganize fishing production in its localities, restructure the occupation in accordance with the region which links to develop fishing in a efficient and sustainable way and to protect of the ecological environment. In addition, it will implement the policy on encouraging and supporting fishing production and fisheries logistic service in distant sea waters. Besides, it will strengthen the management of fishing vessels, fishing vessels registration records to ensure the safety of fishing vessels in association with the consolidation and strengthening of fishing production teams at sea.

With respect to aquaculture, the whole district has 1,813 hectares of water surface for aquaculture, of which, there are 763 hectares for saltwater aquaculture, 430 hectares for brackish water and the remainder for fresh water aquaculture. Hau Loc District’s People's Committee focuses on directing the tide-line communes to develop key cultured species of high economic value such as white legged shrimp, black tiger shrimp and unisexual tilapia. Besides, it will strengthen the state management of shrimp and clam disease prevention. Also, People's Committees of districts and communes have coordinated with specialized units in instructing farmers about effective aquaculture techniques, management of farming environment, seasonal calendar and appropriate stocking density.

At the same time, in the coming time, Department of Agriculure and Development of Thanh Hoa will boost propaganda regulations on fishing associated with aquatic resources protection. Also, it will ask relevant units to guide fishermen about neccessary conditons for safety ensure when going fishing and timely inform fishermen about weather on fishing grounds to protect them from storms.

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