Tra Vinh province: Shrimp seeds release almost reaches plan (28-04-2017)

According to the plan in 2017, Tra Vinh releasing 24,000 ha of brackish water shrimp, of which, 18,000 ha of black tiger shrimp and 6,000 ha of white legged shrimp. Up to now, the progress of shrimp farming in the province is quite good with a slight increase in compare to the same period last year.
Tra Vinh province: Shrimp seeds release almost reaches plan

Total culture areas of black tiger shrimp was 14,497 hectares (up 544 hectares over the same period, equal to 80 per cent of the plan), with a number of seeds was 956.5 6 million (up 28.56 million compared to the same period). Total area for white legged shrimp was 1,981.87 hectares (an increase of 443.87 hectares, reaching 33 per cent of the plan) và a number of seeds was 1.12 billion (up 338 million). Despite the disadvantage of the weather condition in the early rainy season, the salinity increased slowly, along with prolonged heat, with the guideline of carefully releasing shrimp seeds, the farmers have successfully decreased the damaged areas of black tiger shrimp and white legged shrimp by 360 hectares (down 741 hectares) and 353 hectares (down 68 hectares) respectively.

According to the Aquaculture Department in Tra Vinh province, since early of the culturing shrimp season, the relevant departments and concerned local authorities has paid attention to the propaganda and dissemination of laws, technical trainings, disease prevention and control, environmental monitoring and warning beside the  seasonal calendars so that farmers can implement. Moreover, irrigation projects continue to be invested for the development of shrimp and other aquatic products. Farmers have actively approached and applied new technological advances into culturing to bring more successes.

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