The 8th Meeting of the Gulf of Thailand Sub-region (GOT-8) (13-09-2019)

The 8th Meeting of The Gulf of Thailand (GOT-8) was held in Bay Beach Resort Jomtien, Chonburi province, Thailand from 4th- 5th 2019 which is the last one supported by SEAFDEC-Sweden Project.
The 8th Meeting of the Gulf of Thailand Sub-region (GOT-8)

Attending the Meeting, there were representatives of 4 countries in The Gulf of Thailand are namely: Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia. And also representatives of international organizations such as FAO/RAP, Sweden Embassy in Bangkok, SEAFDEC/UN Environment/GEF Fisheries Refugia project. Representatives from SEAFDEC Secretariat, Training Department and MFRDMD as well.

The Gulf of Thailand Meeting is a annual meeting for 4 countries in Gulf of Thailand supported by SEAFDEC-Sweden Project to build up the cooperation between countries, sharing and exchange experiences, update the progress of national and GOT region's efforts to promote the state management of sustainable marine fisheries resources and reducing IUU fishing in the region.

During the Meeting, the countries and organizations were updated on the progress on the management of fishery resources (E.g. Indo-Pacific mackerel, Neritic tunas), national laws, regulations, national plan of action (NPOA) on IUU fishing, and strengthening of the MCS network in the Gulf of Thailand sub-region. The way forward of the 9th meeting of GOT Sub-region will be decided by the 52nd SEAFDEC Council Meeting.

Nguyen Tuan Uyen

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