Agriculture Sector Will Control Food Safety to Expand Export Markets in 2020 (27-03-2020)

In 2020, in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of quality control, food safety, minimizing biological pollution, impurities and pesticide residues to meet the requirements of ensuring food safety for domestic consumption and export market expansion. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) has issued an action plan to ensure food safety in the agriculture sector in 2020.
Agriculture Sector Will Control Food Safety to Expand Export Markets in 2020

Accordingly, MARD sets out plan in 2020, specifically, in the field of ensuring food safety, the agricultural sector strives achieving grade A and B increased to 98% compared to 97% in 2019, grade C upgraded grade A/B to 90% compared to 86% in 2019.

For small companies, the rate of small business signing commitment to producing safe food in 2020 will increase to 75% compared to 65% in 2019. At the same time, the proportion of key products with a high risk level are under control of food safety along the chain reaching 50%. The ratio of products monitored on a large scale about violating regulations on biological pollution, impurities, residues of plant protection drugs, veterinary drugs, chemicals and antibiotics decreases by 10% over 2019.

To accomplish the above targets, MARD has identified to carry out key tasks, in which continuing to direct and closely associate the management of agricultural materials quality, food safety with the task of restructuring the agriculture sector and building a new countryside.

Continuing to review and improving the laws, standards and technical regulations on quality control of agricultural materials, ensure food safety, and harmonizing with international standards. Creating a favorable environment for farmers and businesses to invest in production and business to develop high quality agricultural value chains.

On the other hand, the agricultural sector will expand concentrated production associated with the application of high technology, organic agriculture and advanced quality management systems. Increasing investment to improve food hygiene and safety conditions in slaughtering, preliminarily processing, preserving and displaying fresh agricultural and aquatic products. In particular, guiding and supporting enterprises to invest in agriculture to organize and expand the quality and safety chains of agro-forestry and aquatic food products.

In order to carry out the tasks, MARD will actively coordinate with the concerned ministries and branches in order to organize supervision, having unannounced inspection, and promptly handle seriously violation about food safety. Along with that, proactively handling food insecurity incidents and negotiating to handle technical barriers, expanding export markets for agricultural, forestry and fishery products of Vietnam. Coordinating with ministries and branches to promptly assist enterprises in solving difficulties and problems in exporting agricultural and aquatic products.

For localities, MARD has also requested the Food Safety Management Board and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to develop a plan to ensure food safety in the agricultural sector in 2020 and submit to the Provincial People's Committee directly under the Central Government for approval and organize the implementation to ensure schedule and efficiency. At the same time, directing agencies and attached units to strictly implement the food safety action plan in the field of agriculture in 2020 in their respective localities.

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