Seafood export in 2019: Being confident with the target of US $ 10 billion turnover (21-08-2019)

Favorable economic growth, the fisheries sector is confident to reach its target in 2019 with export turnover of US $ 10 billion and total output of 7.9 million tons.
Seafood export in 2019: Being confident with the target of US $ 10 billion turnover

The Mekong Delta region contributes more than 74% of aquaculture production in the country, of which the key products are agricultural and aquatic products with the dominance of shrimp and tra fish industry. Seafood export turnover reached nearly US $ 9 billion last year, with a total output of over 7.7 million tons, of which aquaculture accounted for 55% - 60%.

According to the General Statistics Office, in 2018, GDP of fisheries reached more than US $ 190,000 billion, accounting for 3.43% of the whole economy and more than 23% of the entire agricultural sector, achieving the highest growth rate in the agricultural sector. It is forecasted that, with favorable growth momentum, Vietnam's Fisheries industry will reach its target this year to achieve export turnover of US $ 10 billion and total output of 7.9 million tons.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Thang, Chairman of Vietnam Fisheries Association, said that the Mekong Delta region has many potentials and advantages and is a big attraction for not only domestic enterprises but also foreign ones who want to participate in Vietnam's seafood market that is growing and dynamic, because the Mekong Delta region has a coastline of more than 700 km with nearly 4 million hectares of natural wetlands and high biodiversity, creating an ideal environment for aquaculture.

“In the field of aquaculture, two species of shrimp and tra fish need to be concentrated. For seed production, it is necessary to have links, considering quality as the top priority, ensuring the importance of processing environment for value-added products. In particular, increasing productivity and increasing output is required, as in order to get the target of US $ 10 billion turnover, then export processing and the market will be the decisive factors”, Mr. Thang pointed out.

From October 16-18, in Can Tho, Vietnam International Fisheries Conference 2019 will take place with the theme “The potential of Vietnam Aquaculture - an opportunity for investors”. The conference will discuss the quality of breeds, epidemics, apply science and technology in aquaculture, export processing, markets, services and sustainable development.

This is also an opportunity for businesses in the Mekong Delta region to promote their brands and introduce products and services to the fisheries sector. Especially, people have the opportunity to update technical knowledge, market information, find the best technology to serve production.

Cat Tuong

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