Disease surveillance on shrimp and tra fish export (16-04-2018)

Shrimp and Tra fish are important seafood export items of Viet Nam, accounting for 2/3 of total country’s seafood export value.
Disease surveillance on shrimp and tra fish export

According to the Department of Animal Health, in addition to the national epidemic surveillance program, the Department will coordinate with the key provinces on aquaculture to provide new regulations and technical barriers from import markets, meanwhile offer solutions to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of importers.

The urgent requirement of disease surveillance must be carried out in a concentrated and wide-ranging manner, at all culture areas nationwide, aimed at fully adapting international standards. Currently, at key import markets such as the US, EU and Australia, surveillance chain for epidemics or diseases on shrimp and fish products from export countries like Viet Nam are being required and demanded strictly. If we are failed to meet that requirements for our aquatic products, it would be difficult to export seafood products to these markets.

Beside the coordination of key localities in aquaculture, the Department of Animal Health will work with leading enterprises to build facilities, epidemic - free production areas with strict control procedures, testing system at international standards or levels. The objective is to monitor accurately and effectively the disease on shrimp and tra fish, ensuring the technical conditions, safety and quality met the importing countries’ requirements. Together with the monitoring program, the Department of Animal Health also deploys programs to guide disease treatment on fisheries in the direction of bio-safety to protect the environment, ensure product quality from culturing, processing and exporting.

On March 29th 2017, Decision No.1038/QD-BNN-TY on ratifying the national Plan of Disease Surveillance on Shrimp and Tra fish for Export in the period of 2017 – 2020 was approved and issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The Decision was aimed to increase effectiveness of disease preventing and warning actions in order to develop sustainably shrimp and tra fish farming and to promote export of these products through increasing capability of human resources working in aquatic animal health sector from central to local level, increasing and upgrading capability of laboratories serving for disease control, strengthening monitoring and surveillance at hatcheries and grow-out facilities at key provinces, propagating and knowledge dissemination on preventing and treatment of disease for farmers.

All these measures are aimed to increase volume and value export of Vietnamese shrimp and tra fish to international market, while affirm the quality and contribute to build Vietnamese seafood trademark at world market.

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