Vietnamese seafood to be inspected by European Commission (EC) (23-06-2017)

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), from June 20th to 29th 2017,  EC’s delegation will inspect Viet Nam’s food safety control system for exporting to this market. During this time, all phases related to food safety, circulation permits and use of veterinary drugs from culturing to processing period would be inspected.
Vietnamese seafood to be inspected by European Commission (EC)

In order to export seafood products to EU market, all aquatic producers and processors need to comply with not only the general regulations of the block but also specific requirements of each member country. Fishery products must undergo a strict inspection and control process in full compliance with the legal regulations on safety and quality of import products. Recently, there were some shipments exported to EU market warned for antibiotic issues, some even be returned.

To deal with this situation, the Department of National Agro – Forestry – Fisheries Quality Assurance (NAFIQAD) suggested that all fishery - product shipments came from establishments who once had been warned by EU authority due to chemical and antibiotic reasons need to be suspended to issue the certificate.

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