The Sustainable Seafood Week kicked off in Ho Chi Minh (19-08-2015)

The Sustainable Seafood Week 2015, which is scheduled to open in Ho Chi Minh City from August 14 to 24, aims at promoting the use of safety and environmentally-friendly seafood products.
The Sustainable Seafood Week kicked off in Ho Chi Minh

With the message "Eat in Style–Know the Origin", the objective of the event is to encourage Vietnamese consumers to support the seafood products which come from a responsible producer.

Also, the event is expected to gather the main links in the seafood supplying chain in Viet Nam- from producer to consumer- to introduce Vietnam's responsibly farmed seafood to the domestic market. This would contribute to improving environment and protecting Vietnamese consumers’ health.

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) stamps are two of the most widely recognized international eco-labels that confirm that seafood products are farmed and captured in a responsible way and meets strict standards of environment, community and society.

Recent projects supported by WWF have greatly aided seafood producers in the Mekong Delta to get these certificates. The number of the Mekong Delta's ASC-certified farms saw an almost nine-fold increase, from five farms in 2012 to 43 in 2014.However, Vietnam's consumers hardly know of the existence and availability of these products, since most ASC and MSC certified seafood products in the country is exported.

During the 10-day period, in addition to introducing Vietnam's responsibly farmed seafood products to the domestic market, the program will engage consumers in exciting activities to raise their awareness of sustainable seafood such as informative exhibition and exciting mini-games at Crescent Mall in Ho Chi Minh City's District 7.

Consumers can visit to find the full list of restaurants participating in the event, and also register to support sustainable seafood in the country.


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