Hoa Binh: fisheries production reached over 376 tons (17-08-2015)

Under the implementation of developing fish farming in ponds, lakes and cage farming on Hoa Binh Lake associated with resources protection and development, Hoa Binh province has expanded its fish farming areas to over 150 ha and roughly 300 cages on Đà River.
Hoa Binh: fisheries production reached over 376 tons

The province’s catch and aquaculture production in July was estimated at 48.22 tons, including 27.13 tons from aquaculture and 21.09 tons from fishing. This made up Jan-July figure 376 tons, valued at VND 11.5 billion.

Over the past time, along with propaganda on resources protection, cages, boats upgrading have been paid attention and diseases prevention means have been well implemented, resulting in stabilization in fish disease in the province.

Thu Hằng


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