Dong Nai: seafood production up 4.5 per cent (07-10-2016)

According to Dong Nai provincial Agriculture and Rural Development Department, despite occupying for 6.5 per cent of Agriculture sector, fisheries production value in 2016 was estimated to reach nearly VND1.9 thousand billion, up 4.5 per cent compared to the same period last year.
Dong Nai: seafood production up 4.5 per cent

With the total area of 8,816 hectares, aquaculture output was estimated at approximately 54.6 thousand tons. It is one of industries witnessing the highest growth rate. In particular, brackish aquaculture has got more benefit than other farm produce. Currently, Dong Nai is implementing schemes of high-tech application to super-intensive shrimp farming in order to utilize the strengths of this industry in agricultural development.

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