Fishery export in 2019: “Focusing on improving quality in depth” (10-04-2019)

In 2018, the Bac Lieu province's export turnover reached more than US $ 606 million (up more 14% over the same period). Export has maintained a growth rate and continued to make important contributions to the province's economic development thanks mainly to the strong product of shrimp export.
Fishery export in 2019: “Focusing on improving quality in depth”

According to economic experts, in 2019, the world economy is on the rise again, leading to higher consumer demand, including aquatic products. In addition, the effective and comprehensive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (CPTTP) and the Vietnam-EU Trade Agreement (EVFTA) will soon be signed to help Vietnam have many advantages in implementing the export plan of the whole country in 2019 to reach US $10 billion.

However, according to Mr. Nguyen Hoai Nam, Deputy Secretary General of Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP): “In order to increase export turnover, it is necessary to regularly pay attention to quality issues associated with construction branding. Especially interested in deep processing, processing by-products to increase the value and economic efficiency of fishery products”.

In 2019, Bac Lieu proposed export turnover of more than US $ 728 million, of which fishery export turnover must reach over US $ 678 million. In fact, the completion of this target is not difficult, but the difficulty here is to reorganize production, restructure the processing industry and focus on deep processing to increase the added value for products. Because, the province's export products have long been focused mainly on raw processing, or just frozen products (accounting for over 90% of exports).

These shortcomings not only reduce the value of shrimp, but also cause waste, create additional pressure in the supply of raw shrimp. At the same time, the price of shrimp produced under the clean process is equated as the price of shrimp produced by other models. Meanwhile, the shrimp produced under clean process if processed into value-added products, put into modern production lines and packaged, the value will increase many times. For this reason, in 2019, Vietnam - Australia Group will invest in a factory to process export shrimp with value-added products and build a closed process from field to plant.

Thereby, the deep processing does not stop at improving the value of shrimp, but also profoundly affect the production process. Clean shrimp are sold at high prices, farmers will focus on raising and applying clean processes. Since then, the goal of exporting whole shrimp to the Australian market, or strict inspection markets for food safety is no longer difficult.

Although the production of deep-processing aquatic products is difficult, it is an indispensable demand, forcing export enterprises to do to improve competitiveness, product value and ensure profitability. This is also a premise for Bac Lieu to strive to reach US $ 1 billion in 2020. This purpose can be achieved if Bac Lieu focuses on deep processing technology, increasing the value of shrimp from 2-3 times compared to raw export.

In 2019 will be a very favorable year for the fishery processing industry to export when Bac Lieu focuses on increasing shrimp production and expanding intensive-semi-intensive shrimp farming and organic shrimp farming. This abundant raw material will open new opportunities for fishery export growth.

Thu Hoàn

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