Recovering of Vietnamese tra fish export to the US (07-03-2019)

Tra fish is one of three aquaculture prime commodities of Vietnam from January 30, 2019.
Recovering of Vietnamese tra fish export to the US

The Directorate of Fisheries sets target of $ 2.4 billion from tra fish export in 2019, up from an estimate of US $ 2.2 billion in 2018. To achieve this result, the area of ​​tra fish farming in 2019 is expected to increase to 5.5 million hectares with an estimated production of nearly 1.47 million tons.

According to the Directorate of Fisheries, in 2019, the fishery industry in general and tra fish in particular will meet both advantages and difficulties. The world economy is on the rise again, the possibility of consumer demand including aquatic products is up rising. The agreements such as CPTTP and EVFTA will go into effect soon that is the driving force for Vietnam's trade to have many advantages, as well as challenges.

The China - American trade war is unpredictable, and it can create opportunities but also has the ability to create uncertainties. In addition, climate change will have complicated developments, the water supply for the Mekong Delta region is strongly affected by the climate change. In 2018, Vietnam's tra fish export increased by 26% compared to 2017, worthy US $ 2.26 billion. In the past year, the bright spot for Vietnamese tra fish is that the US Food Safety Inspection Agency (under the US Department of Agriculture) recognized the system of checking Siluriformes fish in Vietnam is equivalent to the US's system.

In addition, the US Department of Commerce imposed a preliminary anti-dumping tax in the 14th administrative review much lower than the results of the 13th’s review also create conditions for businesses to increase export to US market.

Cat Tuong

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