List of Enterprises Allowed to Export Seafood to Taiwan Market (08-12-2020)

Recently, the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) has sent a document to the Vietnam Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei to announce the list of Vietnamese seafood enterprises that are eligible to export seafood into Taiwan. According to the list published this time, there were 674 Vietnamese enterprises licensed by TFDA to export seafood products.
List of Enterprises Allowed to Export Seafood to Taiwan Market

The Vietnam Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei said that according to the TFDA announcement, the list of Live Crabs exporters is currently unchanged compared to the previous review period, while there are 674 enterprises of Vietnam which is licensed by TFDA to export seafood products. The number of seafood undertakings licensed to export seafood during this time, compared to the previous period, has increased to 36 since the announcement in October 2019 of the list of 638 seafood undertakings licensed to export to this market.

These companies have been granted business identification numbers by TFDA in coordination with Vietnamese authorities. Only enterprises on the approved list of TFDA are allowed to export seafood to Taiwan.

TFDA's notice also said that this list is effective from July 10, 2020 (from the time the goods leave the port of export).

According to the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP), Vietnam's seafood export value to Taiwan reached over 124 million USD in 2019, accounting for 1.45% the total value of Vietnam's seafood exports to the world markets. Particularly in the first 6 months of 2020, Vietnam's seafood export to Taiwan reached USD 21,980 million, accounting for 1.4% of the total seafood export value of Vietnam.

Taiwan is a potential market for Vietnamese seafood products in general and for Vietnamese shrimp products in particular, with diverse tastes, high income and with the Vietnamese community living and working in Taiwan is quite crowded. Demand for imported shrimp from Taiwan also tends to increase in recent years. Taiwanese often store less food, so the packaging should be lightweight, nicely designed and complete with instructions for use. Income is growing, buyers are hoping to try new products here so the stage of advertisement and offering information is very critical when introducing products to Taiwan. Taiwanese buyers are scarcely interested in the price of a commodity until ample evidence is given to make them believe in it. Those are the factors businesses should pay attention to when they want to export to this market.

Currently, shrimp products are one of the most exported seafood products of Vietnam to Taiwan market with approximately 58 million USD in 2019.  Taiwan is Vietnam's eighth (8) biggest shrimp import market, contributing 1.71 percent of the overall amount of Vietnam's shrimp exports to markets. Particularly for tiger shrimp, Taiwan is the fourth largest import market for this item of Vietnam.

Taiwan is a favorite market for black tiger shrimp from Vietnam, with main black tiger shrimp products such as frozen fresh whole tiger shrimp, frozen whole fresh prawn, frozen prawn, PUD frozen shrimp. Frozen fresh whole tiger prawn exported to Taiwan is priced from 6-8 USD per kg. Besides, Taiwan also imports from Vietnam frozen meat white shrimp, PTO white shrimp, frozen boiled PD white shrimp, frozen steamed sushi white shrimp.

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