Completely and Effectively Enforcing The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) (08-12-2020)

In order to fully and effectively implement the EU - Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), the Prime Minister has just approved the implementation plan of the EVFTA which sets out 5 main groups of tasks need to be done in the future.
Completely and Effectively Enforcing The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA)

The Prime Minister requested that in the coming time, besides the regular tasks, ministries, organizations under the Government, People's Committees of provinces and cities need to concretize and implement 5 main groups. There are the propaganda and dissemination about EVFTA and EU markets; Institutional law development; Improve competitiveness and develop human resources; Guidelines and policies for trade unions and labor organizations at enterprise establishments; Policy of social security, environmental protection and sustainable development.

Specifically, with the propaganda and dissemination about EVFTA information and EU market, the Prime Minister asked improving the dissemination of EVFTA for concerned parties, especially those who can bear impacts such as farmers, fishermen, central and local authorities, industry associations, cooperatives, business community, workers, and other labor sectors through the media , websites, publications, documents, radio and television programs, training classes, seminars to raise awareness, understanding of committed content as well as implementation is needed to effectively implement EVFTA.

Focus on training for government officers as well as businesses in some areas such as tax, rules of origin, access to the EU market, investment, services, customs, and, trade defense, intellectual property, labor, environment to ensure that businesses and officials understand correctly. Thereby, the agreement will be taken advantage to completely and effectively implementation.

In addition, a focal point on EVFTA is established at the Ministry of Industry and Trade to provide information, guide and clarify the contents of commitments and issues related to the Agreement.

Strengthening the network, improving capability and encouraging the provision of information and forecasts on export and import markets and domestic markets by state agencies with the purpose of providing trade information, allowing investments so that Vietnamese companies can easily understand information, technological specifications and regulations on the export and import of EU.

Promoting trade and investment programs in EU countries in order to inform the business community of other countries about opportunities and advantages of Vietnam's business and investment environment. Therefore, developing trade and attracting foreign investment into key areas; taking advantage of technology source and modern technology to remove bottlenecks that may hinder some industries in Vietnam in utilizing EVFTA.

Enhancing the role of business associations through business associations to grasp and solve difficulties and problems of the business community, especially, small and medium enterprises. In addition, orienting associations for innovation in production and start-up culture, creating conditions for private enterprises to improve production capacity, product quality, and meet EU and international quality standards.

Along with it is needed to build supporting programs, improving competitiveness for industries, businesses, especially small, medium and micro enterprises, farmers in line with international commitments. At the same time, to prepare response solutions in accordance with international commitments. At the same time, solutions are being prepared to response and support for commodity industries and goods heavily affected, directly from the implementation of the Agreement; support Vietnamese enterprises to participate in regional and global supply chains.

Industrial restructuring, creating a foundation for industrialization and modernization must be concentrated; the restructuring process of agriculture and rural economy according to advanced production models have to speed up. Application of science and technology, safety and environmental friendliness; Enhancement of initiatives and processes to enable and direct foreign-invested businesses to link with domestic enterprises, leading to the growth and development of supply chains.

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