Exporting the Tra Fish Products Produced by High Technology Process to EU Market and Other Major Markets in The World (03-12-2020)

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development cooperated with the Nam Viet Group on the morning of 30th October, 2020 in Long Xuyen district, An Giang province, to hold a ceremony to announce the first batch of Tra fish produced by high-tech processes to be exported to the world market.
Exporting the Tra Fish Products Produced by High Technology Process to EU Market and Other Major Markets in The World

Ceremony attendees include Mr. Phung Duc Tien - Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Tran Anh Thu, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of An Giang province and related units, leaders and staff of the Nam Viet Group, and reporters.

At the ceremony, Mr. Phung Duc Tien said that Vietnam had a huge comparative advantage for Tra fish products on the world market. Vietnam's Tra fish products have presented in most demanding markets in the world, the Tra fish processing industry has now reached the modern level, with the most modern technological machinery line. The world has been applied to help create high value added products that meet the standards of markets around the world. Over the past time, although the Covid-19 pandemics has encountered many difficulties in product consumption, businesses have made great efforts to maintain production, sales and export basically reaching the expected target.

Today, the Tra fish industry has seen a remarkable growth in the promotion of the export to many wide markets of high-tech Tra fish products. In addition, the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) provides favourable conditions for main products, including the sale to the European market of Tra fish. The shipping of Tra fish produced by high-tech processes is therefore exported to the markets of the European Union, South America, ASEAN, China and the Middle East, which are of great importance for the promotion of Tra fish products to the world market. At the same time, Tra fish is also supplied on the domestic market. So that domestic consumers know of the tasty, nutritious Tra fish products that are produced and manufactured according to green, safe and convenient standards.

Mr. Do Lap Nghiep - Deputy General Director of Nam Viet Group expressed that Nam Vietnam currently has a Tra fish farming area of ​​nearly 1,000 hectares, applying modern technology with full Global GAP certificates, ASC, VietGAP ensure the good environment and provide source of high quality, safe and food hygiene Tra fish. In addition, Nam Viet has a food processing factory qualified to produce with GlobalGAP certifications, conforming to Vietnamese standards to close the production chain to help the Group strictly control the quality of products. Furthermore, Nam Vietnam also has product processing factories with a full range of standards such as HACCP, IFS, BRC, ISO that meet the conditions for exporting to the most demanding markets in the world.

Currently, Nam Viet company can export from 300-350 containers to important markets such as European Union, South America, ASEAN, China and the Middle East each month with about 7,500 tons of Tra fish products produced by high-tech projects.

The raw materials are checked closely, ensuring that they are not contaminated with antibiotics and completely alive when they are brought into the processing factories. Due to the above conditions, Nam Viet’s products ensure food quality, safety and hygiene and are popular in many markets around the world as EU, China, Thailand and South America, South America, etc.

According to Mr. Nghiep, in order to diversify products and expand export markets, Nam Viet company is focusing on promoting the development of a number of value-added products such as dill fish pies, fish sausages, special fish rolls which are produced with green, clean and convenient criteria. This kind of criteria are highly appreciated by consumers. Through the launching ceremony of Tra fish products produced by high technology for exporting to the EU, South America, ASEAN, China and the Middle East, Nam Viet is expecting that consumers will be able to consume and promote Nam Viet Tra fish products to the world and the domestic market for consumers to know.

Currently, An Giang is one of the provinces with the largest Tra fish farming area in Vietnam. According to the development orientation, An Giang province sees the fisheries sector as a spearhead to develop agriculture for the province. Tra fish in An Giang alone amounted to an average of USD 258 million a year, much higher than rice cultivation.

Therefore, in the coming period, the province of An Giang will need to develop the Tra fish industry as a strategic product and will need a number of breakthroughs in the period 2021-2030. It can be said that the Tra fish industry is an advantageous product on the momentum of development. But it is necessary to rearrange in a stable direction for sustainable development. Particularly in 2020, An Giang Tra fish is expected to reach an export turnover of over 290 million USD.

Regarding breeders, currently the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has assigned An Giang province to develop a 3-level Tra fish project for the Mekong Delta region. An Giang committed that the province will provide enough high quality breeds for farmers in the region in the next 5 years. Currently, An Giang has cooperated with neighboring provinces such as Dong Thap and Can Tho to build an area of ​​Tra fish farming with effective control of both inputs and outputs.

Le Mai (theo tongcucthuysan.gov.vn)


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