Quang Tri Province: Enhancing the installation of fishing vessel cruise monitoring system. (21-05-2019)

Implementing Directive No.45/CT-TTg of the Prime Minister on a number of urgent missions and solutions to overcome the European Commission’s warning (EC) on combating IUU fishing (illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing), Quang Tri province has been strengthening the installation of cruise monitoring equipments system on fishing vessels and as well as inspecting and handling the violating fishing vessels.
Quang Tri Province: Enhancing the installation of fishing vessel cruise monitoring system.

Quang Tri province currently has more than 2,300 fishing vessels with the total capacity of 125,924 HP. In particular, fishing vessels under 20 HP accounted for the largest number with 1,780 units; 269 ​​units from 20 HP to below 50 HP; 34 units from 50 HP to below 90 HP; and 232 offshore fishing vessels from 90 HP or more. The installation of MOVIMAR equipments is also one of the efforts of Quang Tri province on working with the whole country to quickly remove the "yellow card" of the EC. When having this device installed, the fishing vessel owners must turn on the equipment whole day during their fishing cruise to connect with the inland authority to be monitored and supervised. In addition, the province is also deploying to test the fishing vessel management system from satellite phones, and prepare to experimentally test the S-Tracking monitoring device. The fisheries sector of Quang Tri also drastically handles the IUU fishing vessels which violate the marine capture fisheries.

According to the assessment of the Sub - Department of Fisheries of Quang Tri province, the fishing vessels management situation operating in the province these days are more and more effective. At the same time, fishing grounds’ security at sea is strongly held on. However, the situation of violations on fishing still occurs, especially is the illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. Before that situation, strengthening the management of the fishing activities by using the modern system of cruise monitoring equipments on fishing vessels becomes necessary.

It is expected that before July 1, 2019, along with the fishermen, the Provincial Fisheries Sub - Department will coordinate with the localities and organizations to install the MOVIMAR cruise equipments on 18 fishing vessels (with the maximum length of 24 m or more). According to the roadmap by year of 2020, the installation of MOVIMAR cruise equipments will have been implemented on fishing vessels (with the maximum length of 15 m or more) in the whole province. The Sub - Department of Fisheries will propagate and guide the local fishermen to release, together with the localities. Furthermore, the Sub - Department of Fisheries continues to review the number of fishing vessels to install the right objects; to give detailed instructions and some additional features such as forecasting fishing grounds and the information associated with the interests of the fishermen for the fishermen. Therefore, they can receive their benefit and be assured of production.

Huyen Anh

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