Strictly implement the Fisheries Law 2017, firmly grasp the vessel's diary (14-05-2019)

Leaders of Nghe An Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) propose local authorities of coastal wards and communes to continue promoting propaganda Fisheries Law 2017 to fishermen.
Strictly implement the Fisheries Law 2017, firmly grasp the vessel's diary

After more than 1 year of implementing the Prime Minister's Directive 45/CT-TTg on a number of urgent tasks and solutions to overcome the European Commission's warning on combating Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing, the coastal localities shall issue quotas for fishing licenses for fishing vessels, ensuring that 100% of fishing vessels are licensed according to regulations. The fishing ports and Border Guard army monitor, control the fishing vessels with regulations on exploitation diary; controlling fishing vessels entering and leaving the port, most of the seafood production entered at fishing ports has been updated.

In order to overcome 9 recommendations of the European Commission on IUU, the Sub-Department of Fisheries has upgraded its shore station to connect with the center of the General Department of Fisheries to manage fishing vessels which are operating on the seas through message.

At the conference, border guards and fishing port managers said that local authorities have made efforts to propagate to fishermen about the implementation of the Fisheries Law 2017 in recent years. However, the most difficult problems now are many ships often enter and exit at the same time, leading to difficulties for inspection and control.

The awareness of the people in the observance of state regulations is limited. It is still difficult for a part of the fishermen to record the diary and report the output through the port.

In order to well implement the Directive 45/CT-TTg of the Prime Minister, the DARD proposed the local governments of coastal wards and communes to continue promoting the propaganda of the Fisheries Law 2017 to fishermen. Actively coordinate with functional agencies to implement solutions against illegal seafood exploitation.

The fishing port board managers re-inspect the facilities to serve the entry and exit of ships. Good implementation of the cleaning of fishing ports and some other related issues also are mentioned.

In 2018 and the first 4 months of 2019, the authorities of Nghe An checked and controlled the sea in 80 times, inspected 4,158 vehicles and administratively penalty 320 vehicles of violating regulations on seafood exploitation illegally with the amount of over 1 billion VND.

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