Monitoring fishing vessels with satellite technology (23-04-2019)

According to the 2017 Fisheries Law, all fishing vessels with the maximum length of 15m or more must install cruise monitoring equipment.
Monitoring fishing vessels with satellite technology

This is also the recommendation of the European Commission (EC) for offshore fishing vessels to be transparent and to fight illegal fishing. From July 1­st in 2019, fishing vessels with a length of 24m or more that were installed MOVIMAR device (a system to monitor fishing vessels, fishing areas and aquatic resources by satellite technology), in case the ship owners and captains do not turn on the device 24/24 hour when going to sea areas, it will be handled by the functional branches according to regulations. This is one of the efforts to quickly remove the "yellow card" of the EC.

Director of Quang Tri Fisheries Department Nguyen Hoai Nam said that in the past time, the management of fishing vessels activities has been more and more ameliorated; the security of the marine fishing area has been maintained. However, violations of aquatic exploitation still occur, especially illegal, unreported and unregulated exploitation. In particular, there are still situations where fishing vessels in some provinces have violated fishing grounds of neighboring countries and many vessels have been arrested, causing great economic losses and seriously affecting the management of aquatic resources which have been sustainable development. Therefore, on October 23rd, 2017, the EC has applied warning measures for Vietnam's aquatic products to be exported to Europe (yellow card) which has caused great difficulties for our seafood products export to Europe and some other markets. Quang Tri province alone has 2,315 fishing boats and ships with a total capacity of 125,924 CV. In particular, fishing boats under 20CV accounted for the largest number with 1,780 units; 269 ​​units from 20CV to under 50CV; 34 units from 50CV to under 90CV; 232 offshore fishing vessels from 90CV or more. The installation of MOVIMAR equipment is also one of Quang Tri's efforts to work together with the whole country to quickly erase EC's "yellow card". It is expected that before July 1st, 2019, the Provincial Fisheries Department will coordinate with localities and units along with fishermen to install MOVIMAR equipment on 18 fishing vessels (with a length of 24m or more). According to the roadmap, by 2020, the installation of MOVIMAR equipment will be implemented on fishing vessels (with a length of 15m or more) in the whole province. The Department of Fisheries will propagate and guide local fishermen to comply with regulations. The Department of Fisheries has continued to review the number of ships and boats to install the right objects; detailed instructions for fishermen and additional features such as forecasting fishing grounds, information associated with the interests of fishermen... to benefit and be assured of production.

It is known that MOVIMAR has all the criteria to response the European Union's recommendations on illegal fishing, thus helping Vietnam develop fisheries in a sustainable and responsible manner. MOVIMAR is a modern observation system in the world. In addition to helping state management agencies to monitor the operation of fishing vessels at sea, MOVIMAR also supports fishermen on weather forecasts, storm warnings... MOVIMAR system manages via satellite so monitor fishing vessels very effectively; can know where the fishing vessels are, how to move... Besides, fishermen will be provided with weather forecasts as well as early warning about storms at sea, so that they can avoid storm. Currently, the Directorate of Fisheries has provided fishing ground reports to help fishermen effectively exploit in Vietnamese sea, minimize journeys, fuel and catch more effectively. In addition, for search and rescue, MOVIMAR is currently the information and communication system for functional units at sea (naval, fishery surveillance and border guard) when incidents occur. The MOVIMAR system shows that it will be more effective with the participation of local authorities where fishing vessels fleets are registered. Through the system, fishermen can inform foreign fishing vessels to illegally penetrate Vietnam's sea. From there, allow Vietnam's management agencies to actively inspect and supervise, observing the journey of fishing vessels at sea through VMS satellite connection equipment; at the same time manage the fishing log of fishing vessels.

Mr. Nam added that, when installing MOVIMAR equipment, fishermen should not turn off the cruise monitoring device, because it brings more benefits to fishermen, ensure safety of exploitation activities at sea. Ship owners and captains who are installed MOVIMAR equipment must turn on the 24/24 hour cruise monitoring equipment when exploring seafood areas. In case of violations, ship owner or captain will be strictly dealt by the authorities. This is one of the solutions to strengthen the management of fishing vessels operating at sea and overcome the "yellow card" of the EC.

Thu Hoàn

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