Kien Giang strengthens fisheries monitoring in the last months of the year (30-10-2018)

In order to prevent the illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing in the province, Kien Giang Provincial People's Committee has directed the localities and functional forces to increase implementing a number of urgent solutions, focusing on addressing fishing violations.
Kien Giang strengthens fisheries monitoring in the last months of the year

Accordingly, the People's Committee of Kien Giang province requests the functional forces to coordinate the inspection, investigation and control of the certification of origin of fishery materials, certifying that fishery products are not engaged in IUU fishing at fishing ports or wharves when the vessel docks.

Kien Giang is to strictly control fishing vessels upon leaving or arriving at wharves. Fishing vessels are not allowed to go fishing without the prescribed procedures and papers. Kien Giang is to organize patrol and control in adjacent and overlapping sea areas and resolutely handle vessels in violation of foreign sea areas, depriving them of the right to use fishing permits. Kien Giang is to continue to set up the equipment to monitor the journey and instruct the fishermen to record and report fishing; to strictly treat fishing vessels which do not strictly comply with regulations.

Kien Giang is continuing to set up the cruise control equipment. Based on regulations, the marine fishing vessels must turn on the 24/24 equipment connected to the shore stations. Fishing vessels which do not turn on cruise control equipment are to be strictly handled.

Kien Giang is to intensify the investigation and verification of organizations and individuals that show signs of hook of vessels to illegal fishing in foreign sea areas or acting as a broker to illegally ransom fishing vessels or fishermen who are detained by foreign countries.

Kien Giang is to strengthen the law propagation and dissemination to raise awareness and sense of law observance for vessel owners, captains and fishermen in the fight against illegal fishing; to disseminate regulations on IUU fishing to fishermen and other stakeholders.

The provincial People's Committee assigns the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to assume the prime responsibility for and coordinate with concerned departments, branches and localities in compiling and updating the list of fishing vessels engaged in IUU fishing, compiling and reporting to the provincial People's Committee,  Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and making announcement on the mass media.

Prior to that, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Kien Giang Province had made a public report on the list of fishing vessels and owners engaged in IUU fishing on the local mass media and functional forces would investigate, verify and handle violations according to regulations.

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