British technology company hopes to cooperate and support Vietnam's fisheries sector (27-03-2020)

On February 3rd, 2020, the Directorate of Fisheries had a meeting with NLA International Company (UK) to discuss cooperation plans, support fisheries technology, marine security monitoring to overcome the "yellow card".
British technology company hopes to cooperate and support Vietnam's fisheries sector

The delegation was led by Mr. Andy Hamflett - Director of NLA International Company. On the Vietnamese side, the Directorate of Fisheries sent Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Dung (Director of Department of Science, Technology and International Cooperation) to conduct the meeting. Attending were the representatives of 05 related units (under the Directorate of Fisheries) such as Department of Capture Fisheries, Department of Fisheries Resources Surveillance, Department of Aquatic Resources Conservation and Development, Department of Science, Technology and International cooperation, Fisheries Information Center. At the meeting, NLA International Company expressed its desire to support Vietnam's fisheries industry to overcome difficulties and obstacles in technology and techniques related to the "yellow card".

Implementing management and supervision of Vietnam

On September 1, 2017, the Department of Fisheries Resources Surveillance has received a Decision defining the functions, tasks and powers. Accordingly, the Department of Fisheries Resources Surveillance consult and assist the General Director of the Directorate of Fisheries in performing the state management of fisheries resources surveillance; Patrol, check and control; Detect, prevent and handle violations of the law on fisheries in Vietnam's waters (under the management of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development); To sanction administrative violations and apply preventive measures to acts of violating aquatic legislation by domestic and foreign organizations/individuals; Specialized inspection of fisheries in Vietnam's waters according to the provisions of law. Besides, propagation, dissemination and education of specialized laws; Guide fishermen and organizations/individuals operating in the sea to comply with the law on fishery. Especially, the hotline for unexpected problems, arising in the sea; Prevent and minimize the situation of fishing vessels and fishermen being arrested by foreign countries.

For the supervision of fishing vessels: Since March 1, 2019, the Fisheries Information Center (FICen) has been in charge of managing the fishing vessel surveillance system and national fishing supervision data; decentralize for localities to exploit fishing vessel monitoring data, process fishing vessel monitoring data. Data connection between the central monitoring system and cruise monitoring equipment (installed on fishing vessels). In particular, the Fisheries Information Center manages all information about the activities of Vietnamese fishing vessels. Besides, conducting synthesis and processing of data from the system of fishing vessels monitoring in order to serve the prevention and fight against floods, storms and disaster incidents.

For the National fisheries database, the Fisheries Information Center has developed a National fisheries database system; management, operation and development; upgrading technical infrastructure, software and safety measures for the National fisheries database. At the same time, acting as a focal point to manage the governance account, decentralizing the updating and exploitation of the National fisheries database. Annually, publicize the assessment and ranking of organizations' capacity to update, exploit and manage the National fisheries database. In addition, the Center has also built a two-way information, statistics and database network between the Directorate of Fisheries and localities, units of the Fisheries industry. Especially, organizing the statistics of fisheries monthly, quarterly, 6 months and annually, serving the management and administration of the Directorate of Fisheries.

Cooperating and supporting Vietnam's fisheries

On behalf of NLA International Company, the head of the delegation Andy Hamflett expressed his sincere thanks to the Directorate of Fisheries for facilitating the delegation to have a warm welcome. According to him, this trip from London to the Directorate of Fisheries is really worthwhile and he hopes this will be the first meeting of many similar meetings in the future.

Director Andy Hamflett has determined that the company will flexibly respond the needs of Vietnam's fisheries industry, aiming to cooperate in many fisheries management activities. He was happy to receive the information shared by the Vietnamese side about the following priorities: Using satellites to monitor sea space, identifying vessels carrying out suspicious fishery activities; Support the implementation of state management measures at seaports; Finding the right solution to perform well the "traceability" - By measuring the concentration of trace elements and isotopes in the seafood products at port, it will help identify where the seafood to be fished. However, this is just one of many new approaches; and the company will calculate, give the best way to present an overview of all possibilities. In addition, there are many goals that need to be addressed such as minimizing destructive fishing activities (towards ending the use of explosives to catch fish). Innovative approaches to accurately assess fish stocks. Solutions for managing aquatic resources. Improve the ability to track information via the network.

According to the British delegation, it would be very logical that the next step would be the Directorate of Fisheries to arrange for NLA International Company a meeting where the specialized agencies of Vietnam Fisheries can meet and discuss with some members of the company, especially on modern technology and techniques. Previously, the British Government helped Thailand for two years to remove the "yellow card". Currently helping the Philippines to deal with "stolen fish" (because fishing income is a big source of income in the Philippines). In this activity, the UK provided £3 million in assistance to the Philippines in monitoring the fishing grounds. Therefore, the Directorate of Fisheries should clearly and in details the urgent needs related to the technology and techniques that need support so that the British government will consider, flexibly provide and respond.

Regarding the "yellow card" issue that Vietnam Fisheries industry is facing, NLA International Company will try to do everything possibly (propose technology, techniques, skills, initiatives) in order to the British government quickly helping Vietnam in the same way the UK helped the other countries succeed. 

Ngọc Thúy – FICen

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