Enhancing the brand-awareness of Vietnamese agricultural products in the Japanese market (20-04-2022)

According to the Vietnam Trade Office in Japan, the FOODEX Japan 2022 (International Food and Beverage Exhibition), Japan's largest exhibition specialized in food and beverages, was held at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Center, Chiba Prefecture, Japan during March 8 - 11, 2022
Enhancing the brand-awareness of Vietnamese agricultural products in the Japanese market

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FOODEX Japan is an event of special interest to global businesses, because it is a good opportunity to promote and promote the export of agricultural and aquatic products to the large consumer market of Japan. According to the organizers' statistics, FOODEX Japan 2021 has attracted more than 1,300 Japanese and foreign companies registered to display products at nearly 1,500 booths; along with 25,700 visitors to visit and work, including trading companies, wholesalers/retailers, manufacturers, direct consumers...

At this year's event, FOODEX gathered many large Japanese companies specializing in importing and trading food and beverage products from Vietnam. The Vietnam national pavilion includes 10 booths of 5 reputable import companies in the Vietnamese community in Japan. Products displayed at the Vietnam pavilion include a variety of foods and beverages. All products of Vietnam are carefully selected, arranged in an eye-catching display and attract many visitors.

Many Vietnamese products on display at FOODEX Japan 2022

In the context that Vietnamese food and beverage products are increasingly popular in Japan, in order to serve the needs of Japanese people as well as the increasing number of Vietnamese communities living and working in Japan. (about 500,000 people in 2021), the Vietnam Trade Office in Japan believes that being present at the exhibition booths at FOODEX Japan 2022 is a very good opportunity for Vietnamese quality products to be introduced. more widely to Japanese consumers.

Companies that import and trade in Vietnamese goods also have many opportunities to meet new purchasing partners, thereby signing valuable business contracts, contributing to strengthening and enhancing Vietnamese cuisine’s images as well as Vietnamese agricultural and aquatic products and food brands in the Japanese market.

According to statistics from the General Department of Vietnam Customs, the total import-export turnover between Vietnam and Japan in 2021 reached $42.7 billion, up 7.8% compared to 2020; in which, export of goods from Vietnam to Japan reached $20.1 billion USD, up 4.4%; Vietnam's imports from Japan reached $22.6 billion, up 11.3%.

Vietnam's exports of agricultural, aquatic and food products to Japan in 2021 reached $1.8 billion, down 0.5% compared to 2020, with the main export items being: aquatic products ($1.33 billion, down 7.4%); coffee ($226.5 million, up 25.5%); fruit and vegetable products ($153.2 million, up 20%); cashew nuts ($59 million, up 39%); rubber ($22.5 million, up 40%); pepper ($12 million, up 56%).

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