Training to nhance fishing vessel management knowledge and ensuring the safety of fishing vessels (08-04-2021)

The Directorate of Fisheries and the Thanh Hoa Fisheries Department recently collaborated to organize a training course on fishing vessel management and safety assurance for citizens and fishing vessels in Thanh Hoa.
Training to nhance fishing vessel management knowledge and ensuring the safety of fishing vessels

Representatives from the General Department of Fisheries, the Department of Fisheries Exploitation, the Fisheries Branch of localities from Quang Binh to Quang Ninh, officials from coastal districts and communes, and representatives from some fishing ship owners who built and repaired facilities in Thanh Hoa province attended the training course.

Mr. Nguyen Van Trung, Director of the Department of Fisheries Exploitation, spoke about the management of fishing boats, as well as the protection of citizens and fishing vessels, as outlined in the Fisheries Law 2017, the Decree No. 26/2019 / ND-CP dated March 8, 2019 of Govermant, and the Circular No. 23/2018 / TT-BNNPTNT dated November 15, 2018 of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The contents have been clarified, analyzed, evaluated and compared with the previous regulations.

In addition, the Organizing Committee introduced, analyzed, and clarified some amendments and supplements in the Draft Circular amending and supplementing a number of Circulars in the fisheries sector (particularly for internal Amendment and supplementation of a number of contents of Circular No. 23/2018 / TT-BNNPTNT dated 11/15/2018 on the registry of fishing ships; recognition of fishing vessel registry; ensuring technical safety of ships fish, fishing vessel; registration of fishing vessel; deletion of registration of fishing vessel and marking of fishing vessel) for participants to review and exchange.

 For in-depth knowledge in the field of fishing vessel registry, as well as ensuring the technical safety of fishing ships, the organizing committee has studied, directed, and explained specific cases to help students better understand. regulations and professional skills in the technical field (including records of forms, fishing vessel registration papers).

During the training session, the trainees exchanged ideas and discussed issues such as the criteria for engineers who are engineers stated in Decree No. 26/2019 / ND-CP dated March 8, 2019, borrowing capital to support production progress, labeling fishing vessels, and handling cases of fishing vessels made of bamboo and channel materials, procedures for guiding the registration of fishing vessels with a length of less than 20CV (now changing to registration according to length vessel), procedures for re-registration of fishing vessel after deregistration for commercial fishing vessels. The Organizing Committee has instructed and clarified clearly and fairly on the pattern of growth and incorporation of the fishing sector in compliance with the Fisheries Law 2017 and other applicable regulations on the handling of prohibited trades, destructive occupations, title regulations, manning on fishing vessels.

The Directorate of Fisheries also requested that local fisheries management units increase the propagation and guidance of regulations to fishermen, as well as concerns that ship owners, organisations, and individuals perceive, during the training session. Special recommendations for fishing vessel management, as well as relevant requirements set by the locality.

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