Ca Mau: Early Warning for Fishing Vessels Which Are Likely to Violate Illegal Fishing (08-12-2020)

In recent years, besides of increasing the installation of cruise monitoring equipment for fishing vessels to move towards preventing illegal fishing, the province of Ca Mau has made efforts to introduce several early-warning solutions to avoid exploitation of illegal fishing in order to lead to the elimination of the European Commission's yellow card (EC).
Ca Mau: Early Warning for Fishing Vessels Which Are Likely to Violate Illegal Fishing

The situation of fishing boats and fishermen in Ca Mau province violating foreign waters to illegally exploit seafood has decreased significantly compared to previous years. This result is due to the fierce efforts of functional agencies in propaganda against illegal and unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

Over the past years, Ca Mau province has mobilized the entire political system of the province into a drastic, synchronous implementation of solutions to bring results against IUU exploitation through forms such as opening propaganda classes in communes; broadcasting on the communication system of the commune level; broadcasting at sea on the frequencies of coastal civil watch stations; texting by phone; printing leaflets, folding leaflets, panels, diagrams, marine boundary maps, areas where exploitation is prohibited, making thematic reports, etc. In particular, the Ca Mau Province has seen the construction of monitoring equipment for the route of fishing vessels as a fundamental solution for handling and controlling fishing vessels operating at sea and combating illegal fishing.

With the determination to join hands with the whole country to remove the IUU yellow card, Ca Mau province has drastically implemented the instructions of the Secretariat, the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on strengthening the leadership in order to direct the fight against IUU fishing. Chairman of the People's Committee of Ca Mau province has specifically directed the contents of strengthening the fight against IUU fishing.

Accordingly, Ca Mau province has continued to promote propaganda, through many different forms such as opening propaganda training courses in communes, towns, Don Bien Phong, broadcasting on the communication system, texting by phone, printing leaflets, leaflets, panels, maps, marine boundary maps, areas, areas where exploitation is prohibited, implementing thematic reports, etc. In order to propagate and widely disseminate the Fisheries Law and its guiding documents, regulations related to combating IUU fishing to local people, the Ca Mau province had organized 22 classes trainee / 946 attendees; broadcasted 33 newsletters on communal media; broadcast 45 bulletins on the frequency of coastal civil watch stations; printed and distributed 3,000 notebooks, 5,000 sheets fall, 5,000 diagrams; propaganda of 43 articles, 12 news, 03 topics, 11 reports.


There are still a few fishing vessels that have not yet installed cruise monitoring equipment

Currently, some fishing vessels have not installed VMS equipment. The reason that the owners of the vessel have not installed the equipment is the vessel owner and vessel are no longer in their locality or residence according to their management records or the fishing vessel has been sold. Another reason is that the fishing vessel is operating and the fishing vessel is shut down.

Early Warning for Fishing Vessels Which Are Likely to Violate Illegal Fishing

In order to strengthen the management and strict observance of the provisions of the law when the fishing activities at sea by fishing vessel owners, captains, the People's Committee of Ca Mau province has directed the review some fishing vessels which are in danger of violating illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, including activities as crossing the sea boundary, losing signal connection near the border or at sea for 10 days or more, losing connection signal at sea for 30 days or more until now, losing connection signal on shore for 30 days or more, fishing boats have expired, registered and have not installed cruise monitoring equipment. Thereby, all these fishing vessels have to put into the list of monitoring, management and have measures for propaganda, advocacy and strict supervision.

Currently, Ca Mau province has two designated fishing ports announced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to be eligible for certification of aquatic materials from fishing through ports (Song Doc fishing port and Rach Goc fishing port). Traceability of fisheries from fishing only focuses on these two fishing ports. From the beginning of the year until now, the Management Board of fishing ports has issued 10 certifications of fishing raw materials for businesses, with a certified volume of 567 tons of products. The Sub-Department of Fisheries has received 36 certifications of fish catches with the volume of certified raw materials more than 1,062 tons and has issued 31 certificates of fishing origin, with a certified volume of 503 tons of seafood products.

It has controlled 1,724 fishing vessels with the largest length of 15 meters or more to dock, grant 4,380 port-to-port records for fishing ships and controlled more than 9,609 tons of products exploited through the port from the beginning of this year.

Ca Mau provinces have promptly detected and sanctioned 144 administrative violations, equivalent 3,841.4 million VND. In order to strictly handle violations of fishing vessels in 2020, the President of the People's Committee of the province issued the Decision on sanctioning of administrative violations for 01 fishing vessel violating foreign waters in 2019, with the amount of money penalty is 1,029 million.

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