APEC Developed an Action Plan to Combat IUUF and Plastic Waste Management (27-03-2020)

On 7-8th of February, 2020,the delegation of the D-Fish attended the 14th meeting of the fisheries and oceanic working group with the participation of Asian-Pacific Economics (APEC) in Putrajaya - Malaysia
APEC Developed an Action Plan to Combat IUUF and Plastic Waste Management

The working group reviewed five (5) projects funded by APEC in 2020, these projectsare mainly focused on research projects and capacity building for economies in ocean plastic waste management, promoting the role as well as the women participation in the fisheries sectoreconomies in particular and the marine economy in general.

At the meeting, experts also focused on two key issues in 2020: The management of ocean plastic waste and combating illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUUF) in APEC economies. Emphasizing the results achieved in 2019 for economies through the APEC roadmap for managing plastic waste in ocean, the APEC roadmap against IUUF, the meeting focused on discussion about the APEC plan on plastic waste management and action plan against IUUF.

At the meeting, delegates listened to a presentation from FAO (combating IUUF under the framework of the National Port Measures Agreement (PSMA) of FAO; Presentation by Seaowl Group on the solutions to combat IUU fishing using VMS system, from The nature conservation on cooperation with APEC economies to combat IUUF.

In addition, delegates have updated information regarding to the operations of centers in marine development management, fisheries management, marine environmental management as well as information on the proposal to removesubsidies leading to IUUF. In particular, the APEC Sustainable Sea Development Center in China informed about the training workshop on marine spatial planning in 2019, the workshop on ocean plastic and micro plastic waste. Second report presenred on sustainable marine development APEC in China. New Zealand updated on proposal to remove subsidies leading to IUUF. Chile updated on the development of La Serena Apecroadmap.

At the meeting, the working group also updated on the results of the implementation of three (3) projects funded by self-funded economies in China with the theme: business / private sector participation to ensure sustainability of the marine environment (Taiwan-China); ocean plastic and micro plastic waste - blue citizenship (China); Sea and coastal space planning in APEC economies (China).

In addition, the working group focused on discussions on APEC-funded projects proposed during January 2020. There are currently 11 project proposals, focusing on topics such as promoting the role of women, supporting small-scale fisheries, and craft fisheries; anti-IUUF; management of ocean plastic waste; protect marine environment.

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