Bac Lieu City: Focusing on developing aquaculture and fishing (20-08-2019)

Bac Lieu City has much strength in developing aquaculture and fishing. Besides the advantage of being adjacent to the sea and Nha Mat estuary, the city also focuses on many projects to develop shrimp farming with high technology applications.
Bac Lieu City: Focusing on developing aquaculture and fishing

Over the years, Bac Lieu City has promoted investment encouragement and focused on developing many key farming objects such as black tiger shrimp, white leg shrimp, goby, mud crab, mollusk, etc. At the same time, the city’s authorities also well manages and supervises the planning farming areas suitable to the characteristics of fisheries development and natural conditions of each ecological sub-region in the area; diversifies farming objects and farming methods associated with the application of scientific and technical advances, advanced management measures (such as VietGAP, GlobalGAP, BMP, CoC, ASC, etc.) into concentrated aquaculture areas to increase productivity, output and ensure quality and food safety.

Especially, the city has developed mechanisms and policies to encourage investment in raising new aquatic species with high economic efficiency in order to prioritize investment in building complete infrastructure in service of aquaculture, especially in areas of super-intensive and intensive shrimp farming; encourage all economic sectors to invest in the development of production of high-quality and disease-free breeding shrimps in concentrated provincial aquatic seed production planning areas (in Nha Mat ward). Building and developing the city into a large-scale, high-quality and prestigious shrimp hatchery center in the Mekong Delta region and the whole country, contributing to the implementation of the construction policy of Bac Lieu to become the center of shrimp industry of the whole country.

Regarding capturing and fishing activities, the city has established a fleet of offshore fishing vessels with large capacity, invested in modern equipment to be able to exploit on the sea and improve the efficiency of fishing in offshore areas, contributing to protecting national sovereignty at sea. Fishing objects, fishing seasons and fishing grounds are changed in the direction of promoting offshore fishing, exploiting key products, with high economic value, good consumption demand, associated with building and protecting brand an trademark of captured products (squid, shrimp, fish, etc). Thereby ensuring raw materials for export processing is stable, strictly controlled on quality and food safety.

To promote strengths and effectively exploit the potentials and advantages, the city has increased investment in construction and development of infrastructure to well serve production. Typically, investing hundreds of billions of VND to build and upgrade irrigation systems for aquaculture; to build concentrated aquatic seed production zones; construction of fishing service infrastructure and disaster prevention (investment project to build storm shelters for fishing vessels, combined with Nha Mat fishing port with the scale of anchoring 300 ships with capacity under 300 CV, total approved investment is over 113.81 billion VND); at the same time, strongly developing fishery logistics services such as building fish markets and collecting fish stalls; petrol stations; shops buying and selling fishing nets and fishing supplies; establishment of porter and transport services; ice production facilities; building a storm warning light station at Nha Mat waterfront.

With the above solutions, the city's aquaculture and capture output keeps increasing. If in 2010, production of aquaculture and capture fisheries of the city reached only 34,200 tons, then in 2019, it increased to 41,970 tons (of which 21,150 tons from aquaculture, 19,820 tons of capture). In particular, the model of high-tech intensive shrimp farming has a total area of ​​over 720ha with an output of 2,000 tons / year, the average yield reaches 36 tons / ha of water surface.

With the continuous development of strengths, and when the high-tech shrimp farming zone (in Hiep Thanh commune) is put into operation, it will attract more motivational projects to help the city Bac Lieu become the center of developing the shrimp industry of the province.

Huong Tra

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