Check the establishment of broodstock shrimp production abroad (24-12-2019)

The mission of the delegations of D-Fish just finished the inspection of two establishments producing white-legged shrimps in Singapore and Thailand.
Check the establishment of broodstock shrimp production abroad

Singapore has a parent whiteleg shrimp exporter to Vietnam named Singapore Shrimp Improvement Systems (a subsidiary of Shrimp Improvement Systems - SIS). SIS has 4 facilities, of which the center for creating broodstock is located in Miami, Florida, USA is the place to choose to breed shrimp and provide Postlarvae 10 (22 days old) for 3 SIS facilities in Hawaii, Singapore and India reared as broodstock.

SIS Singapore has been in operation since 2005 (Address at: 90 Lim Chu Khang Lane 6F Singapore). Since April 2019, the facility has been shut down due to the Singapore government's acquisition of land, leaving only a representative office in Singapore for transactions. Despite ceasing production in Singapore, all records of broodstock exports to Vietnam and some other Asian countries are kept at the Singapore office. The batches of broodstock exported to Vietnam include: Sale contract (including quantity information, price, time, place of delivery; warranty, etc); Quarantine certificate issued by functional unit; Certificate of eligibility for production; Records in the process of selecting and nursing parental shrimp. In the past 5 years, SIS has provided monthly broodstock export information to the Department of Animal Health. In addition, the company also keeps all relevant records such as certificate of eligibility, certificate of disease quarantine issued by the competent authority and records of each batch of shrimp for Vietnam. Examination of records shows that the company has controlled dangerous diseases as recommended by the World Animal Health Organization (OIE).

In Thailand, the Delegation inspected Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP) and concluded that CP had synchronous infrastructure and equipment for good broodstock production, contingent of well-trained workers and workers. There is a program of good supervision and implementation, ensuring biosecurity and disease-free conditions to meet the conditions for exporting broodstock to Vietnam. At the same time, the company maintains all relevant records such as certificates of eligibility; The disease quarantine certificate issued by the competent authority and the dossier of each shrimp lot for Vietnam. The company controls dangerous diseases as recommended by OIE. At the same time, the process of raising water circulation and closely monitoring the control from the stage of food selection, controlling environmental parameters in the rearing tanks, taking analytical samples could prevent pathogens to ensure the control conditions for the best development of farmed shrimp.

In the coming time, the D-Fish will continue to organize inspection teams, traceability in countries exporting broodstock to Vietnam.

Le Mai

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