Quang Binh: Closely Monitor the List of Fishing Vessels at High Risk of Violating Foreign Waters to Exploit IUU Fishing (30-11-2020)

Recently, the Chairman of the People's Committee of Quang Binh Province signed an official letter No. 1896/UBND concerning the continued enforcement of the fighting against IUU fishing. Accordingly, the Chairman of the Quang Binh Provincial People's Committee requested that a list of high-risk fishing vessels in violation of IUU fishing in foreign waters be checked and drawn up in order to provide options for remote surveillance and blocking.
Quang Binh: Closely Monitor the List of Fishing Vessels at High Risk of Violating Foreign Waters to Exploit IUU Fishing

The Chairman of the People's Committee of the Province of Quang Binh therefore requires the heads of departments, organizations and chairmen of the People's Committees of coastal districts and cities to carry out their tasks, direct and be accountable to the Provincial People's Committee on the Prevention and Regulation of IUU Fishing. The content of Official Letter No. 81-CV/TW dated 20/3/2020 of the Standing Secretariat, instructions of the Prime Minister, the National Steering Committee against IUU fishing are promoted and grasped thoroughly. Official Letter No. 908-CV/TU dated on April, 15th, 2020 of the Provincial Party Committee on strengthening leadership and directing on IUU fishing prevention for officials and people to firmly grasp, understand and comply with the solutions and regulations against IUU fishing. The letter focuses on effective implementation of contents and solutions at the meeting of the Steering Committee for the implementation of program for 188 provinces on July 24th 2020 (Notice No. 2647 / TB-VPUBND dated on July 29, 2020 of the Office of the People's Committee) the provincial).  It is determined that the implementation of the combat against IUU fishing, the overcoming of the EC yellow card, is a vital task which needs to be resource-built, radically guided towards sustainable production of fisheries and international integration, providing a long-term livelihood for fishermen.

Along with that, the Chairman of Quang Binh Provincial People's Committee has directed districts, cities and towns to continue propagating, disseminating and guiding regulations on combating IUU fishing, the Fisheries Law 2017 and guiding documents for fishermen in the area to understand clearly for implementation, especially not violating foreign waters to illegally fishing. Installing and using cruise monitoring equipment for fishing ships with the maximum length of 15m or more have to completed. The vessels owners have to record and submit exploitation reports and logs. Specialized agencies, communal People's Committees have to directed for effectively implement Decision No. 06/2020/QD-UBND dated on April, 16th, 2020 of the Provincial People's Committee. The fishing vessel with the largest length under 06m have to manage well. The violations of fishing and IUU fishing in coastal areas according to management decentralization, especially the use of electrical impulses, explosives, and toxic substances have to drastically inspect, detect and strictly handle. A list of fishing vessels at high risk of violating foreign waters of IUU fishing need to be reviewed in order to have solutions for remote monitoring and prevention.

 In particular, the Chairman of Quang Binh Provincial People's Committee has assigned specific tasks to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. The Provincial Border Guard Command and Provincial Public Security are in charge of implementing the fight against IUU exploitation and ensuring security and safety for inspection teams while working in the province.

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