Fishing quota will be granted for each marine species (18-10-2018)

According to Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the number of fishing vessels, the building of new fishing vessels will be managed, fishing quotas will be granted for each marine species in the coming time.
Fishing quota will be granted for each marine species

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) Mr. Vu Van Tam said at the fisheries statistics seminar held by the MARD in August 11 2018 in Da Nang City that fishing exploitation will be managed and traceability will be implemented in coming time.

Mr. Vu Van Tam also said that in the context of the European Commission (EC) warned yellow card for Viet Nam fisheries, the fisheries sectors should take urgently nine recommendations of the EC into fisheries law and progress towards integration. This is also an opportunity for Viet Nam to shift from an artisanal fishing industry to a responsible and sustainable fishing industry.

According to Mr. Tam, the new fisheries law comes into effect from the beginning of next year, introducing many institutions to management and regulation of fisheries resources. At this point, the authorities will manage and control the fishing capacity and traceability of capture products’ origin.

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