Khanh Hoa: restructures the capture sector with the objective of developing ecological environment and aquatic resources (28-09-2018)

Recently the People’s Committee of Khanh Hoa province has issued Decision No. 1788/QD-UBND approving the master plan for development of fishery sector in Khanh Hoa province to 2025 and orientation to 2035.
Khanh Hoa: restructures the capture sector with the objective of developing ecological environment and aquatic resources

Accordingly, the objectives are effectively exploiting and utilizing the advantages, potential natural conditions for the development of exploitation, protection, aquaculture, processing and infrastructure, logistic services contributing to the stability of socio-economic, national defense and security in the sea and islands of the country; developing a comprehensive and sustainable fishery sector to become a commodity-producing industry in the direction of modernization with rational, qualified, effective structure and production form, high competitiveness in international integration, diversified products for export and tourism development; closely associating development objectives with the protection of the ecological environment and aquatic resources.

With regard to the exploitation of aquatic products, the orientation puts the fishery exploitation sector into the direction of industrialization and modernization, gradually reduces the onshore fishing and develops offshore fishing to raise the productivity, quality and efficiency and protect the aquatic resources in a sustainable manner. Fishing vessel fleet, fishing industry and fishing output will be restructured more rationally. In addition, the rehabilitation and protection of resources, investment in logistic services in response to the development will be concentrated to develop.

With regard to the structure of fishing fleet and structure of fishery, the fishing fleet has been restructured in order to reduce the number of fishing vessels, especially the group of vessels with the capacity of less than 20 CV and to increase the number of offshore fishing vessels. By 2020, the total number of vessels in the province will decrease to about 7,650 (of which offshore fleet includes 1,480 vessels). By 2025, the total number of vessels in the province will decrease to about 7,050 (of which offshore fleet includes 1,787 are vessels). By 2035, the total number of vessels will be about 6,250, of which the number of offshore vessels will increase to 2,120.

Major fishing occupations are organized according to the scheme of reorganization of production in the exploitation of aquatic products in the central and Khanh Hoa province with a variety of occupations. Accordingly, by 2020, the proportion of trawl fishing vessels will account for 10% of the total number of vessels in the province; ring net fishing 5%; gill – netting  35%; line-fishing 22%; lift-net fishing11%; fishery services 5%, other occupations 12%. In addition, Nha Trang Bay has four lagoons: Lam Du, Hon Noc, Hon Xuong, Sung Hong, which ensure waterway traffic safety.

With regard to output of exploitation, the proportion of onshore and inland water exploitation is gradually reduced and the proportion of offshore fishing with high economic value is increased. By 2020, the total output shall reach 113,760 tons, of which, output of offshore exploitation is 87,000 tones (20,000 tones of ocean tuna) accounting for 76% of total output; Inland and onshore fisheries reach 26,760 tons (24%). By 2025, the total output will reach 132,030 tons and by 2035 will reach 145,825 tons.

With regard to the restoration and protection of resources, reproducing aquatic resources is concentrated; a number of programs on releasing breeds into natural aquatic areas for some fishery species in danger of extinction in Nha Trang Bay, Van Phong, Cam Ranh, Nha Phu lagoon, Thuy Trieu lagoon are built and implemented. Nam Yet marine reserve, Binh Tra island, Ran Trao marine ecosystem protected zone, Nha Phu marine protected zone, Thuy Trieu lagoon are built; living environment of aquatic products in inland water area of the province is restored and protected; community-based coastal fishery co-management models are transferred and multiplied.

In the field of fishery logistics, the province establishes a synchronous logistic base, attracts offshore fishing vessels of high capacity in the locality and surrounding areas, become the focal point for concentration and distribution of aquatic products in the region, at the same time provide fishing logistics services and support rescuing services. It also invests in the system of fishing ports, storm shelters, invest and upgrade fishing ports and fishing wharves in the locality, continues calling for investment in Khanh Hoa large fishery center to be soon established and come into operation.


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