Fishery development potential of Ben Tre province (26-08-2019)

Ben Tre province is formed and surrounded by four large rivers of the Mekong river system, with more than 65km of coastline, with a system of interlocking canals, many mudflats suitable for the development of fisheries economy.
Fishery development potential of Ben Tre province

In the past years, Ben Tre seafood economy has developed quite strong and is a key economic sector of the province. In 2018, the fishery production value accounted for 51.56% Agriculture - Forestry – Fishery sector.


Aquaculture in the province develops quite strong. In 2018, aquaculture area reached 46,000 ha, total production was 267,500 tons (average growth rate of 1% / year in area and 5.47% / year in production in the period of 2008-2018). Over 90% of aquaculture production has high economic value, good quality for export processing. The key aquatic products include: Shrimp (black tiger shrimp, white leg shrimp) 36,100 ha, output of 53,000 tons; Tra fish 770 ha, output 185,000 tons; mollusk (clam, oyster) 5,200 ha, production of 14,500 tons.

Marine shrimp farming has developed strongly, forming specialized production areas (super intensive farming areas, 2-phase farming) on about 11,500 ha concentrated in 3 coastal districts; Extensive shrimp farming area is about 25,000 ha, which is a favorable area for developing high quality organic shrimp farming model. Technical skills of farmers are increasing, product quality gradually meets the requirements of processing for export.

Clam culture develops stably through cooperative models and has been granted MSC certification for the sustainable exploitation.

Tra fish farming is concentrated in fresh water and brackish areas, about 99% of the area is managed and implemented in value chain production model (production, processing and export) by the enterprises.

In addition, the giant freshwater shrimp is also developed quite strongly with the form of intercropping in garden or in paddy fields, thereby contributing to improving land use efficiency and raising income for people.

Seed production has many positive changes. Currently, Ben Tre province has 71 seed production facilities in 3 concentrated seed production areas in Thoi Thuan commune, Thua Duc commune (Binh Dai district) and Thanh Hai commune (Thanh Phu district).

Activities of applying science and technology are increasingly. The whole province has more than 40 production facilities in farm - model; 19 cooperative groups, 10 aquaculture cooperatives; 04 establishments produce high quality tra fish seeds to supply for farming households and farming areas of enterprises. There are also 09 GlobalGAP certified facilities; 06 ASC certified establishments; 01 BAP certified facility and 11 VietGAP certified facilities.

Capture Fisheries

The province currently has over 3 thousands registered fishing vessels, with an average capacity of 340 HP / ship; In particular, offshore fishing vessels have more than 2 thousands units with an average capacity of 576 HP / ship. Total exploitation output in 2018 reached about 210,000 tons. There are 160 cooperative groups with 1,745 ships participating in team/group model.

Processing and exporting seafood

The province has 13 seafood processing factories serving export with a design capacity of about 150,000 tons, producing 62,000 tons of products. Major export markets are Japan, the US, EU, Central and South America countries and some Asian countries. Processed products in the province are mainly tra fish and clam, the province continues to call for investment in marine shrimp processing factories.

The province currently has about 209 purchasing establishments and 191 preliminary processing and seafood processing establishments for domestic consumption, of which are mainly dried seafood production establishments in 2 villages of Binh Thang (Binh Dai district) and An Thuy (Ba Tri district) and 01 canned fish production company.

Logistic services for aquaculture and fishing

There is a strong development in logistic services for fishery sector. In the province, there are 5 aqua feed factories with a total capacity of about 500,000 tons / year, 780 establishments for aqua feed products, environmental treatment products and aquatic veterinary medicine in the province.

Fishing ports are being upgraded and newly built (currently there are 3 ports of Binh Dai, Ba Tri and Thanh Phu); shipbuilding and repair facilities are increasingly improving the capacity of building, repairing and timely meeting the needs of people.

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