Ninh Binh: Developing association model – a new direction in aquaculture in Nho Quan (14-08-2019)

Lately year, in some localities of Nho Quan district, groups of households have been facilitated to implement large scale fish farming models, bringing practical results and opening new directions in freshwater fish farming.
Ninh Binh: Developing association model – a new direction in aquaculture in Nho Quan
Thanks to participating in the association model from production to consumption, many aquaculturists have been confident in investing, scaling up, improving income as well as living standards.
In 2016, Mr.Tran Van Hung's family in Yen Son village, Phu Loc commune, Nho Quan district facilitated the conversion and bidding of 4ha of ineffective rice fields to implement the model of fish farming and fruit tree planting. Mr. Hung shared: “Initially, due to polluted water, quality of seed is not guaranteed, fish used to suffer from disease. The family did not have knowledge about methods of disease prevention for fish. After being exchanged techniques in preventing and treating fish diseases with members of the aquaculture youth cooperative group and received technical guidance from technicians of the provincial Freshwater Aquatic breeding Center in pond treatment, fish care, etc. So far, my family has applied learned techniques and got a successful first step that brought a positive result.  It was 5 times more effective than rice planting and we do not have to worry about output for products”. So far, Nho Quan district has converted more than 250 hectares of inefficient rice field to aquaculture, bringing the total aquaculture area of ​​the district to over 3,000 hectares. To develop effectively aquaculture, the district’s authorities have not only directed localities to upgrade the irrigation system, but also facilitated groups of households, cooperative group to implement fish farming with the motto of solidarity, share, help each other with capital, breeds and techniques to eliminate the small scale and ineffective models. Mr. Pham Quyet Chien in Lieu Thuong village, Dong Phong commune annually collects 500-600 million VND from fish farming, said: The establishment of a cooperative group has brought about practical results thanks to the unifying in releasing and harvesting fish or deciding on the number of fish seed released.
With this method, it has brought about 2-3 times higher economic efficiency than rice cultivation. Stable output overcomes the situation of traders pushing prices. Group establishment, stable output also helps farmers to control the fish price. The association of aquaculture in the localities in Nho Quan district is one of the new directions that brings about high efficiency and helps link households to help each other develop their economy and get rich right in their homeland.
Vu Phuong

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