The 9th Meeting of ASEAN Shrimp Alliance (ASA) (25-06-2019)

In the morning of June 24, 2019, in Da Nang City, the 9th Meeting of ASEAN Shrimp Alliance – ASA was held. This was the opening conference in the series of ASEAN conferences hosted by Vietnam from June 24 – 29, 2019.
The 9th Meeting of ASEAN Shrimp Alliance (ASA)

Attending the Meeting, there were representatives of ASEAN member countries and representatives of international organizations. At this Meeting, participants will discuss issues related to the objectives set out in the development of the ASA as well as the roadmap and status of those targets such as the Status - Construction and implementation plans of ASEAN Shrimp GAP, Production and trend of shrimp market in Indian market, Shrimp diseases and Current situation, solutions, orientation for shrimp disease warning mechanism in the region, Overview of shrimp production at Southeast Asia, etc.

Shrimp farming has become one of the fastest growing fishery industries in Southeast Asia in the past 30 years. Shrimp not only contributes to the region's food security but also becomes one of the important livelihoods of farmers. Going with the general trend of regional fisheries, shrimp farming is still mainly in small-scale farms, with improvements in form and technology being applied more and more widely. However, along with the strong development of the shrimp industry, diseases are also becoming a major threat to the development of the industry. In addition, environmental issues, natural resources and climate change, production costs, consumer markets (trade and technical barriers in export markets) are also increasingly impacting the development of the industry and posing challenges for countries in the region to work together to resolve.

The ASEAN Shrimp Alliance (ASA) was founded to develop a market information sharing mechanism to unify the orientation of shrimp product development across the region and at the same time to build uniform standards for the regional shrimp industry applied to all ASEAN member states as well as to establish a regional mechanism to cope with non-tariff barriers imposed by shrimp importing countries, to develop a dialogue and exchange information mechanism for shrimp industry stakeholders in the region and the world to promote the integration and development of the shrimp industry in the ASEAN region.

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