Pupils created cleaning shrimp ponds machine (24-04-2019)

In the National Science and Technology Contest for Northern Regional High School Pupils, the project "Machine for cleaning the bottom of shrimp pond " by Ngo Anh Tai, class 9A and Nguyen Duc Hoan, class 8B at Tan An Secondary School (Quang Ninh) was highly appreciated by Ministry of Education.
Pupils created cleaning shrimp ponds machine

Surface cleaning machine for shrimp pond bottom won the first prize in the Northern region because of its new features, high practical application.

Ideas from reality

Mr. Hoang Van Thang, teacher of Tan An Secondary School, Quang Yen town said that Ngo Anh Tai and Nguyen Duc Hoan live in residential areas with up to 75% of people working in aquaculture and fishing. The process of shrimp farming must go through a lot of stages, from pond preparation (pond improvement, cleaning the bottom of the pond bottom) to taking water, selecting varieties, taking care and harvesting. In the process of cleaning shrimp ponds, there are always at least 4 people divided into two groups, each group at one end of the pond. In the group, it is very difficult for a person to use a water brush or a scrubbing brush to remove dirt from the surface of canvas. Another person holds a large-capacity pump to wash away the dirt into the manhole. The cleaning of the pond bottom surface is usually 2,000m2 at least 2 days with 4 people.

 Witnessing the hard work of shrimp farming, Ngo Anh Tai, Nguyen Duc Hoan cherished the dream of inventing the machine to reduce the fatigue, hardwork and cost for shrimp farmers. From the idea, when the school launched the science and technology competition, they presented their ideas to their teacher. Under the guidance of Mr. Hoang Van Thang and the advice of Dr. Dang Toan Vinh, Ha Long University, Tai and Hoan quickly implemented the product. In only 2 months (September and October of 2018), the surface cleaning machine for shrimp pond bottom of 2 pupils of Tan An Secondary School was formed. With materials mostly stainless steel 304, machine cleaning surface of the shrimp ponds bottom of 2 pupils is not only low cost, easy to manufacture, assemble and highly durable but also easy to use, much reduced labor, labor and shorten labor time.

"Sweet fruit" from passion

Ngo Anh Tai, student at class 9A, Tan An secondary school, Quang Yen town was born in a family that parents are working as a repairer of machinery and ship equipment.

For a long time, Tai has passion about repairing things for his family, neighbors, friends and teachers. All broken appliances and electronics in the house are repaired by him.

Teachers and classmates also believe in his skills. Many teachers have fans or pumps are broken, he always can fix it. Ngo Anh Tai and Nguyen Duc Hoan are close friends since childhood. Their houses are not far, so they often go to each other's house to play. Playing with Tai, Hoan are transferred some recipes to repair machines. Perhaps, it is also one of the opportunities to help 2 pupils come closer to scientific research.

Sharing about the difficulties in the process of making shrimp pond cleaning machines, Mr. Tai said: “We have surveyed with the working people, the market and searched the internet, and we found that there are currently no any similar products. Our products have combined two tools to be used for washing ponds (high pressure pumps and water sweepers) as a device. Now, it takes only one person to do this work can replacing 2 people to work together as previously”

When asked about his experiences in the process of making shrimp pond cleaning machines, Nguyen Duc Hoan shared that researching this topic has helped them accumulate more experience and practical knowledge. Lessons in the book become easier to understand and "absorbed" when applied to life. Specially, we are more understanding and sympathetic to the difficulties of farmers, thereby creating more motivation to create more modern technology products to help the country's agricultural development.

According to Mr. Thang, the teacher is not only a guide for pupils to study and research, but more importantly, to stimulate the pupils' passion for science, dare to dream and dare to fulfill the dream. Creative ideas in scientific are not something too big, far away, but what is happening around in everyday life. Pupils discover the problem and solve the problem by themselves. And teachers are only people who play the role of guiding and pushing their creativity.

Lê Mai

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