Binh Thuan fishery has developed to become the key economic sector (21-09-2018)

Implementing the program of sustainable development target of fisheries economy, Binh Thuan fishery sector has grown up to become the spearhead economic sector and has contributed significantly to the economic development of the province.
Binh Thuan fishery has developed to become the key economic sector

Over the two years 2016-2017, implementing many measures to perform the program of sustainable development target of fisheries economy, Binh Thuan fisheries sector has fast and stable development, become the spearhead economic sector, contribute significantly to the economic development of the province.

With the coastline of 192 kilometers, exploiting, culturing and catching aquatic products always play an important role in the economic life of the whole Binh Thuan province.

Aquaculture in Binh Thuan province is gradually moving towards the direction of industrialization, objects of the aquaculture are increasingly diverse and abundant. The area of commercial shrimp farming in the province is about 900 hectares, the average shrimp productivity reaches 9 – 10 tons per hectare.

Shrimp seed production has developed in the direction of focusing on large-scale investment and rapidly decrease the number of small-sized production bases.

By the end of 2017, the province has 135 enterprises, facilities with 730 shrimp breeding farms (giant tiger prawn, white leg shrimp), the output of shrimp seed production and consumption reaches 24 billions, rising 13% in comparison with 2015.

After 2 years of implementation of the program, the objective of sustainable fisheries economic development has been further strengthened and gained positive changes in line with the orientation of restructuring the fisheries sector.

The high capacity vessel fleet (up to 90 CV or more) in the province increases in number, capacity, becomes the key fleet of the province at sea, make important contribution to the output and value of the products, solves employment issue for tens of thousands marine workers.

The organization of fisheries production in aquaculture in the form of production teams continues to be encouraged of development.

By the end of 2017, the province has strengthened and maintained operation of 250 united working groups with 15,280 employees and built five unions to exploit aquatic products.

Forms of cooperation have a positive impact on each other in production, fishing information, rescue at sea, contribute to ensure safety and increase production efficiency.

In the period from now to 2020, Binh Thuan province shall enhance the comprehensive and synchronous restructuring of the exploitation of aquatic products and the sustainable use of aquatic resources in association with the active protection of sea and island sovereignty.

The province shall maintain the output of the whole province at around 200 thousand tons per year by 2020 but it shall pay attention to gradually increase the quality and value of products and strive for a growth rate of over 5% per year.

In particular, the exploitation output in coastal areas shall be reduced from 46% now (90 thousand tons) to 40% in 2020 (80 thousand tons); the proportion of offshore fishing shall be increased from 54% currently (105 thousand tons) to 60% (120 thousand tons); the proportion of products of high economic value (squid, tuna, mackerel ...) shall be raised to account for over 60% of the total catch.

To achieve the said target, Binh Thuan will modernize the fishing fleet in a synchronous manner; of which 100% of offshore fishing vessels are equipped with marine electronics, ensuring safety for people and fishing vessels as prescribed; 100% offshore fishing vessels and purchasing service vessels are equipped with standard product storage tunnels to reduce the post-harvest loss rate of aquaculture to less than 10% by 2020.

In aquaculture, the province promotes the restructuring of aquaculture in the direction of intensive development and increase in intensive farming, productivity, quality, efficiency and sustainable development.

The province implements investment in hi-tech application with a focus on a number of species with high economic value and prominent advantages on an appropriate scale. By 2020, the value proportion of aquaculture shall account for more than 30% of the total fishery production value.

Binh Thuan has implemented many solutions to achieve the objective of turning the province into one of the major centers of exploitation, logistic services of fisheries, processing industry, marine seed production industry in the South Central Coast and South East area.


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